Catching Up on Thanks!

I keep missing a day. I seem to be developing a pattern….

Day 9- I am thankful for Kris, who kept me writing, at least part of the day. I did not make up my 8000 words for NaNo but I wrote some. I’m still behind but maybe, just maybe I will slowly catch up!!!

Day 10- I am thankful for an unusually warm day. I wasn’t expecting this and it was a pleasant surprise. (Remind me of this in 2 days when I’m freezing my butt off!)


Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge- Cat, Dog, or ?

Welcome to the Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge!

11/10/14 Prompt- Cat, Dog, or ?

IMG_3774This our dog, Ari. She’s 5 years old and thinks she is the center of our universe. Who knows? Maybe she is!

Do you prefer cats, dogs or something else? Share your favorite photo, poem or thoughts! I hope you will join in on the challenge!!!


⋅This is a just-for-fun challenge- everyone’s a winner here!

⋅Each Monday morning I will post a prompt in the form of a word, phrase, photo…..

⋅Share your thoughts in any form you like. There are no limits- you can take a silly view, rant, post a photo, write a poem…..

⋅Create a pingback to the challenge post or share your link in the comments section.

⋅Remember to tag your post with “katgotyourtongue” so other writers can find your post!

⋅If you would like, you can use the “Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge” badge in your post.

⋅Have fun!

A special shout out goes to- Claire at transgenderandme for participating in last week’s challenge! Thank you so much!