1000 Words


Today I am thankful for the 1000 words that I wrote of my NaNo story. It’s not the minimum I needed to write to reach 50,000 words in 30 days. In fact, I’m behind. So behind that right now if I keep writing at the pace I am, I will complete my 50,000 words on January 9th. (The handy little stats over at the NaNo website keep me informed on how far behind I am! Thanks, NaNo!) But still, I’m thankful for those 1000 words. It was because of the writer’s block that both Kris and I are suffering from that I asked Kris to take a ride with me to a cemetery as part of my weekend assignment for Photography 101.

Sneak peak of my Photography 101 weekend assignment. Kris and I visit Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Something showed up in some of my photos- check out the glowing dot on the headstone on the right.

That 1000 words means that I only have to write 8000 tomorrow to stay on track! (I’m trying to look on the bright side. We’ll see how that works for me!)

So, fellow NaNo participants, how’s it going with you? Are you on track? Do you like what you are writing? (Do you see how I’m procrastinating?)




2008 6june 012

This photo embodies the word “solitude” to me. I took it 6 years ago when we were on vacation in Washington D.C. When I took the picture I was struck by how alone K looked. When we got this assignment for Photography 101, this was the image that came to mind.