Y is for “You’re the One That I Want” #AtoZChallenge

I was sixteen when Grease was released in movie theaters. If that wasn’t the perfect age for this movie, I’m not sure what was! From the first viewing, I fell in love with all of it. The fifties vibes. The clothes. The music. The characters AND the actors. The story. Who couldn’t fall for the love story of Danny and Sandy?

Torn apart by their differences, “You’re the One That I Want” is the perfect showcase for their open display of how far they are willing to go to be what the other one wants them to be and realizing they didn’t have to change at all. Watching this video now, it doesn’t seem quite as risque as I remembered as a teenager.

I had the record album, which I played to death. I burned off endless calories performing along with all of the songs- sometimes with my siblings in tow. This always wound up with bickering over who could play each part. (And my baby sister in tears because she was always too young and small to play Sandy or Rizzo, the ultimate bad girl with the heart of gold.)

We all became 1950’s greasers when it was time to sing “Greased Lightning” and dreamy swoony girls over “Beauty School Drop Out.”

And to this day, my absolute favorite quote of the movie is-

“You can’t just walk out of a drive-in!” -Danny Zuko

Writing this post makes me want to watch it again. I’ve sat here with a smile on my face the entire time. What a happy memory!

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L is for Love’s Baby Soft #AtoZChallenge

THIS is what happens when I write ahead… I looked at drafts to see if I had started on my N post and here was L- all abandoned and alone!

“You can try hard….”


“Or you can try soft.”

Love’s Baby Soft- my perfume of choice as a teenager. I can conjure up the aroma in my memory. It was a light, powdery fragrance. If it’s possible, it smelled exactly like a scent named “Love’s Baby Soft” would. I’m sure I bathed myself in it but in moderation the scent was perfect for a young teenage girl who wanted to smell good. Subtle and not offensive… let me repeat- in moderation.

This commercial was a favorite to re-enact in my house growing up. My sisters and I loved nothing better than taking turns being the brazen vixen calling out “HARRY” in our interpretation of a confident ‘I’m going to grab you and make you mine’ voice alternated with the sweet, softly seductive ‘Harry’ in our coy, eyes batting sweetly, head tilted at an angle cutie pie stance. We must have driven my mother crazy!

Do you have any favorite commercials from your childhood? There are so many I wasn’t able to use… I ended up filling in my alphabet, swapping out this for that, spending hours looking through the 1970’s pop culture online to jog my memory.

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This makes me want to search online and see if Love’s Baby Soft is still sold today!


M is for Match Game #AtoZChallenge

Do you remember Match Game with host Gene Rayburn? Two contestants would try to match answers with the panel comprised of six celebrities. Although at first the questions asked were bland in nature, it was when they took on a double entendre tone that the show was really entertaining to watch. An example given is “Johnny always put butter on his blank.”

I had a difficult time deciding on a video to share. Most were longer than anyone would probably watch. All of them were pretty funny. I finally chose the one below for three simple reasons- 1. It is short. 2. It gives you a fun look at fashion and hairstyles from the 1970’s. 3. There’s a good mix of celebrity panelists.

Match Game was one of the places where I got “to know” celebrities I might not have seen otherwise. My favorites were Brett Somers, Richard Dawson and Charles Nelson Reilly. I think my parents were okay with us kids watching it because most of the time when the fill-in-the-blanks were suggestive, they went over our heads and the majority of the time the answers also blew right past us. This show was definitely a show of the 70’s!

We were big fans of game shows. Some of my other favorites were Card Sharks, The Newlywed Game, Let’s Make a Deal, and Family Feud.

How about you? Did you watch game shows growing up? Which were your favorites?

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Trying to not fall too far behind-


J is for Jedi #AtoZChallenge

I remember when the first Star Wars movie was released in theaters. I was fourteen years old. I was not a fan of space or science fiction or fantasy or whatever else category this movie might have been labeled. It’s possible I didn’t even want to go to see it but I had no choice.

It didn’t matter. I was hooked. I fell in love with Han Solo/Harrison Ford- my first bad boy crush. And that crush lives on to this day.

Another first impressions was how whiny Luke Skywalker was and my dislike for him carried on to the end. I just couldn’t get past it! And how badass Princess Leia was all the way until the end!

Star Wars was unlike anything we had ever seen and EVERYONE was talking about it- even my parents! No one could have predicted what was to come in the future!

The most iconic Star Wars quotes (in my opinion) occurred in that first movie:

  • “But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!” — Luke Skywalker (the line that earned him the whiny label in our household)
  • “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” — Leia Organa
  • “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” — Darth Vader
  • “You don’t need to see his identification…These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi (My children grew up hearing “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” in response to any time it could be used. I didn’t even replace ‘droids’ with the correct word.)
  • “It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.” — Han Solo (Teenage Kat sighs….)

This movie kicked off a lifelong love of Star Wars and at least two of my children and my grandchildren inherited that passion. We are Team Star Wars til the end!

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May the Force Be With You!


D is for Disney World #AtoZChallenge

Our family went to Disney World in the mid 1970’s. The 20+ hour car ride took two days with us four kids flying around in the back of the station wagon, not a seat belt to be used. Lap belts were there, weren’t they? Just not used…. ? Anyway, our favorite part of that drive was rolling around and playing in the back of the station wagon, far away from our parents (or so it seemed) and free. This is where we would put on shows for each other using small Disney toys that we had brought along. Back then those would be Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy.

Little did we know the magic that awaited us that first time. There was only the Magic Kingdom and that was more than enough for us! if Walt Disney was good at one thing, it was making Disney World a truly magical experience. It was on that first trip that I fell in love with Disney World and I knew that I would be bringing my future children back some day.

While most of my memories of that trip were happy, the one that stands out vividly in my mind is my introduction to Space Mountain- a space roller coaster. However, it is not memorable for the warm fuzzy feeling it gave me at the time. I wrote about that experience a few years ago-


My parents also “terrorized” us by making us go on the Haunted Mansion ride, which you probably know is NOT scary, and because some traditions must be passed down through the generations, my husband and I shared it with our own children and then CJ, our older grandson, when we went six years ago. The Hall of Presidents was one of my mom’s favorites and my dad was fond of the Carousel of Progress. We were all thoroughly enchanted by It’s a Small World, Winnie the Pooh and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Back then the characters wandered around the park and you never knew who you might find around the next corner. There were no lines waiting to take pictures. We just walked right up to them and said hi. Okay, I should probably re-phrase that. My siblings walked right up to them, well, my middle sister sort of dragged my little sister, and I hung back while my mother urged me to get up there. I’ll admit it was cool to see the characters- but from a distance. A very safe distance!

Since then I have returned to Disney World many times with my own family. Despite my vow to never ride on Space Mountain again, I did indeed ride it the last time we went. I was reminded of why I had sworn off the ride and renewed my “never again” vow again.

On a sad side note, we had originally planned a family Disney trip for June 2020, which did not happen. We had tentatively looked at June 2021, which will also not be happening thank you very much, Covid. We look hopefully toward 2022. On a positive note, 2020 would not have been a good year to go even without Covid so it was a blessing in disguise and little Beej will be an old man of seven when he gets to visit Disney World for the first time. Yay!

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Hope your day is magical!