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Don’t Mess With Me, Pork Chop!

Groundhog Day means only one thing to me- the movie starring Bill Murray where he wakes up to experience the same day over and over again. I’m sure many people are feeling this way, not just today but lots of days lately. Covid fatigue.

In the middle of my writing this post, and let me tell you- it was a doozy! I was on a roll like I haven’t been in months. I couldn’t type fast enough to keep up with the torrent of words that were pouring out of me. It was one glorious Covid bitch fest. Seriously.

I had a lengthy paragraph about vaccines. Vaccines and anti-maskers. It was something else. Masks worn under the nose. Check. Gathering in public in groups without masks. Check. Frequenting bars and restaurants that were violating the rules of indoor dining. Check.

Then suddenly in the background, I heard the door to our house open. My mind swiftly ran down who it could be. it took me exactly three seconds to determine the answer. NO ONE. My husband and son were home working. My other son was at an appointment. Other than my other son and my grandson, no one had been inside our house since last April. It was only after I heard Ari’s joyful welcome barks and the voice of a long time family friend did I know who had walked in. Just walked right in our house without warning or regard to the fact that we do still have the Covid thing happening in this country.

My keyboard tirade came to a screeching halt. I’m not going to lie. I was kind of mad. But in all fairness, this is someone we’ve known forever and if he lived next door he would be part of our bubble. I could understand why he might have thought it was okay to just drop in. That did not diminish my feelings.

But here’s the thing. Sitting in my office, hands hovering over the keyboard, listening to the conversation going on in the other room, I was unsettled. Very unsettled. Hearing a voice other than the four voices I’ve been hearing in my house felt very strange and foreign to me. I was anxious and upset. It didn’t feel right. He didn’t belong here.

If someone had told me a year ago that I would be so thrown off balance by an unannounced visit from a person who has been known to drop in unannounced for the past 30+ years, I would have shook my head and said ‘no way’.

And yet here I am, silently fuming. The nerve of him. Doesn’t he know that you can’t just walk into a person’s house like that? After he left and I came out of my office (I didn’t want to come out while he was there because I knew that in my current state my welcome wouldn’t have been as loving as Ari’s), dear sweet Ari filled me in on all I had missed. She pranced around the room, tail wagging, ears straight up, eyes bright and alert. She had seen one of her favorite people and life was good.

Sooooo, my Groundhog Day wasn’t quite a Groundhog Day after all. And I wonder how many other little “things” will pop up as a result of quarantining, social distancing and all the goodies that are part of the Covid life.

In the mean time, I would like to quote Bill Murray’s character, Phil, from the movie Groundhog Day

“Don’t mess with me, pork chop. What day is this?”

Stay safe!


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Happy National Lego Day!

Did you know that today is National Lego Day? I did not. I guess there’s a day for almost everything, right?

Having two sons, Legos were a staple in our household for years. Between the two boys we accrued thousands of them. Both boys were avid Lego builders and when the next generation of Lego lovers arrived, they couldn’t wait to share their passion with the little guys.

I have no memory of the legos multiplying and transporting themselves all over the house back when my kids were younger. Maybe I blocked it. Or maybe it has something to do with a certain six year old who loves Legos as much as his daddy did (and I suspect still does). But suffice it to say, I find them EVERYWHERE! On the bathroom sink, nestled on top of books in the bookcase, on my desk, and even my coat pocket! For months I had a metal lunchbox filled with an assortment in my bedroom and every time I tried to return it, I was told that I could keep it. It seemed rude to insist it return to Lego storage.

I’m not a Lego builder myself. I did not play with them as a child. When my kids were growing up, they asked their dad if they needed help. That’s just the way it was. Then Beej came along, insisting I build with him. He would take me by the hand and bring me to the Legos with a request for something impossible that he was sure I could build! I quickly learned that if I sat down, dumped out a bin of Legos and began sorting them by size, he would happily deconstruct the towers I was building to create something of his own.

Recently Beej informed his dad that while they are good at building things with Legos, I am good at sorting them into categories. It’s the little things, right?

“LEGO has announced that they are shutting down their U.S. factory and moving it to Canada. LEGO employees say it’s their fault because they made the factory too easy to take apart and rebuild somewhere else.” –Conan O’Brien

Fandango’s One Word Challenge- Category

Stay safe!


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Twizzler’s Return!

It was four years ago that we found our Christmas elf, Twizzler, had gone missing! It was completely unexpected and it certainly threw me for a loop. Luckily, Jack was ready to jump in and take Twizzler’s place for that year. One year turned into two, then three, and four. The second year Jack arrived with a note that explained that Twizzler had been assigned to another family and that he, Jack, would our elf now. CJ was especially disappointed that Twizzler wouldn’t be coming back but we could NOT find that elf! I cursed myself for hiding him so thoroughly that even four years later he had still not been found.

We moved on and Jack became part of our family, eagerly looked forward to every Christmas.

2020 has been a rough year. There’s no one that can deny that. As we are entering another surge of the virus in our area, people seem to be of two minds- holidays to the max or blah bah humbug. While our decorating has fluctuated depending on circumstances during that season, this year we decided that if ever holiday cheer was in need it was 2020.

And then in the middle of decorating this happened.

“You need to come here.” My husband’s tone immediately grabbed my attention. His voice was grave. His face was solemn. I exchanged looks with my oldest son, Michael. Six year old Beej was oblivious, chattering about some silly six year old thing. I followed my husband into the other room, when to my surprise he held out something in his hand that he had been hiding behind his back.


Curled up in a miserable little ball, dusty and withdrawn- it was Twizzler!

I looked questioningly at my husband. I had felt awful that I had lost Twizzler! He looked sheepish. He motioned to a high shelf that I couldn’t see let alone reach. “I guess I put him up there.” I don’t think the expression on my face needed any words to convey my feelings. I hadn’t lost the elf! We are upping the ante both outside and inside the house, spreading the lights and sparkle everywhere we can. It is the only reason I can find that would have my husband looking on top of furnishings I cannot reach.

I’m glad that we found Twizzler and I’m not going crazy hiding things in places I can’t find. I’m not saying that I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future- because I can totally see that happening. I’m just glad that day hasn’t come yet!

We have not decided how to re-introduce Twizzler into the equation. Beej does not remember him and in the last few years Jack has had another elf friend visit. How many are too many elves?? I know that there are many who would say one is too many but we are an elf family here. I’m not sure how I would have felt if these elves had been around when my children were young but for the grandkids, we find it a fun new tradition.

So in these trying times, something happy happened and- Twizzler is home! (And Mr. K is not allowed to be in charge of the elves.)

Hope these days find you happy and healthy!