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Bike Ride

“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”

– George R.R. Martin

sun dappled bike ride
Just a boy riding his bike on a sun dappled sidewalk

Although summer has come to an end, little Beej is growing up so quickly. He will be five soon and while that doesn’t seem old at all, it was only yesterday that his daddy was this age. Time can’t pass quickly enough for Beej but I want time to slow down as I savor every minute of this little boy’s life. There is something special about grandchildren that can’t be described- you need to experience it!

Photo a day- Dappled

Hope your weekend is filled with happy moments!




Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Candid Photography

bw candid sad dog
Sleepy pup
bw candid climbing
bw ari candid
Just resting

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Candid Photography

Have a great weekend!


Are You Ready?

No. I’m not. I’m a band mom. My kids played pre-game and half-time at football games. They did not play in the football games! I sat patiently in the bleachers , usually talking to other band parents or reading, until the first half finished. I would periodically check with my husband to find out how much longer he thought the current period would last. If the weather was questionable, I would check my phone repeatedly, hoping for some indication that maybe it would rain (or snow, if it was cold enough). Since I was friends with the band director, there were times that I could be found on the outside of the fence by the field reminding him that it wasn’t good for instruments to be outside in cold, drizzly weather. (He did not appreciate my friendly reminders because like me, he wasn’t a big fan of marching band either.) While I was  a fervid fan of my kids’ performances, sitting on a hard, cold bleacher for hours to strain to locate my kid play in a group of 100 other kids dressed identically and across a football field for fifteen minutes on a Friday night was not my idea of a good time. So you can just imagine my excitement when I found out that ten year old C.J. was going to play football.

football sideline

C.J. has wanted to play football for a few years now and his dream is finally coming true. Although I’m a band mom through and through, I’m happy that he is having the opportunity to do something he loves. This will be his experimental year. It will tell us whether he’s got what it takes or not. He has the drive, passion, and determination. But it will also require him to exercise patience. Lessons already learned include the importance of teamwork and what that means. He knows that he has to participate actively in practices or else the entire team suffers. In a world that seems to go overboard in being politically correct and handing out trophies just for showing up, it’s refreshing to see that these things have no place in football. C.J. is learning to work hard. And he’s learning that not everyone is in the starting lineup and that he might spend some time in reserve.

In the end, whether or not he decides to play again next year, I think this will be a great experience for C.J. And on the bright side, he begins band in two weeks so if I can just make it through football season, there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of band rehearsals and concerts and the joy of those early splats and blares that only a beginning trombone player can produce!

FOWC- Reserve

RDP- Fervid

Hope your week is off to a great start!



On Kindness

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”    -Scott Adams


When things are tough, it is easy to feel like you’re alone. Even surrounded by loving friends and family, feelings can become overwhelming and all consuming. That’s how it can be for me at times.

And then when I least expect it I am reminded of the wonderful, caring people in my life. Whether it’s a text checking in or a beautiful soft throw, it’s a happy feeling to know that even in most trying times, someone is out there thinking of you. (Thank you, my friend, for both! Every time I see this throw with all of those wonderful positive words on it or feel its softness, I’ll think of your kindness and friendship and know I’m not alone.)

Kindness really does have a larger impact than we ever realize. And I try to keep that in mind. In my quest to boost myself into a better place, I’m so grateful for those kind words that bolster my spirits and remind me that although I might have to do some heavy lifting on my own, I’m never truly alone.


Listening to Inner and Outer Voices- Take 2

Today I’m sharing a post that I originally published just over four years ago. I had forgotten I wrote it but as I read it again, it really hit home with me. If I had the time and eyes, I could have written this last week. I’ve made a few small changes but it’s pretty close to the original text. 

Originally published May 13, 2015

Every Wednesday, Ronovan invites us to Be Wonderful on Wednesday. This is my contribution. It’s not quite what I had planned but that’s the way these things go.

The evening before my birthday,  a family member wrote a very moving post dedicated to me on Facebook. I was tired, emotional and blown away after reading her words.

She described me as- giving, non-judgmental, open minded, kind hearted and caring. She used words like inspirational and blessing. Me. Inspirational. A blessing. She talked about how I’ve been there for everything from breakdowns and tantrums to hospital trips. She used a bunch of other adjectives that I won’t even mention- because I just don’t see myself that way. My initial reaction was an overwhelming feeling of love for the beautiful person who wrote it. I re- read the words and they hit me in the face. This moving tribute was not how I would have described myself.

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.”  -Brene Brown

If I can be completely open with you, lately I would describe myself as angry, unrealistic, interfering, stubborn, overly sensitive. I’ve questioned every move I’ve made.

The truth of the matter is that the only words I hear are the ones in my head. Although I try to be all the things described in that post, that’s not how I see myself.

In fact, because my inner voice is so loud it drowns out the outer voice of my family member.

“It’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not.”

-Denis Waitley

Needing something more and unclear on what it was, I showed her post to a friend.  He read it and nodded. I shrugged, tried to smile, failed. Is that really me? was my unasked question.

He stared at me and said, “It’s true. And you should be hearing this way more often than you probably do.” His voice was gruff and he changed the subject.

I’ve looked at that post so many times since she first posted it. I’m trying to drown out the litany of negative thoughts- the ones that accompany every doubt I have when I read the words.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” -Henry Ford

It made me think. How often do we walk around thinking positive, inspirational and affirmative thoughts to ourselves about ourselves? Well, I’ve just confessed that I don’t. In fact, if my inner voice were a person I would not want to hang out with her. She’s a real downer. And yet, I listen to her and I doubt it when someone tells me nice things about myself.

I think it’s important to maintain a healthy balance between the inner and outer voices. While it’s important to be realistic, there’s no real benefit from allowing your inner voice to beat you up and drag you down. Nor should you allow someone’s outer voice to do the same.

And when someone tells you that you are kind or caring or the backbone of the family or even inspirational, you should take it as the gift that it is. You should realize that people don’t waste their time trying to make you feel good like that if they don’t care an awful lot. And you should embrace those outer voices close to you and let them drown out that negative reel that might play in your head occasionally.

I originally wanted to write a post about her lovely words because they made me feel pretty wonderful and loved. But possibly even more importantly, her words made me very aware of the not so pretty  things I allow to run through my head and the realization that it needs to stop. I’m not sure if I will ever feel comfortable accepting compliments from people but it’s time for me to realize that maybe…just maybe they are right!

What about you? Are you able to accept compliments and embrace them? Or do you sometimes battle with that negative voice that pops up in my head at times? 

Peace and Love,




Just an average day…

bw oddball hands


-I dropped the kids off at school, one of the few times I’ve been able to do it in recent weeks.  I only held up the drop off line a little bit while handing off 4 year old Beej to his teacher.

-While waiting for pre-k to end, I stood in front of school and chatted with a mom and the crossing guard about tomatoes and peppers- growing them and storing them– two things I don’t actually do.

-I had the sweetest afternoon with Beej. He was thrilled beyond words when he found out that I had bought more “sprinkle eyes” for his lunch. He instructed me on how to make the perfect sandwich, complete with eyes and sprinkles for hair that he wanted to look just like mine. He felt that I did an accurate representation of  recreating my hairstyle and now you understand why it was an accomplishment for me to even go out in public let alone speak to someone with hair that looks like that!

-Beej and I watched a new episode of Arthur, you know, the aardvark. Unlike his older brother CJ, much older and all knowing at the ripe old age of nine, Beej was fine with the idea that Arthur has remained eight years old for the past 22 years.

-I was able to sit down and read, like, and even comment on some posts!!!! before my eyes called it quits.

-I found time to write this post- something that doesn’t happen often lately- or if it does, my eyes are not up to the task of reading or writing.

To some these might seem like small things, but for me they are huge. Considering everything, it seemed like almost a normal day. It gave me hope. And that’s enough.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge- Hands, Feet or Paws

Kammie’s Oddball Challenge 5/16/19

Have a great day!


T is for Technology

a to z technology 2

Some people just never learn! Although four year old Beej is not as tech savvy as some of his classmates, he still figured out how to take a selfie or two when he found an abandoned cell phone laying around the other day. Imagine the owner’s surprise when she happened upon Beej’s smiling face on her camera roll!

A to Z Challenge