Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Patterns

I went to my archives for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Patterns.

vacuum patterns
Vacuum cleaner
bw wire basket
Wire basket



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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Y

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge- Letter Y– starts or ends with the letter Y, I’m going with-

 a group or collection of different items; a mixture.
silly ornament
SillY ornament
SpikY collar
johnny west
JohnnY West
sparkly decorations
SparklY decoration

cee's fun foto badge

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What To Do While Not Watching the Super Bowl

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for- Super Bowl Sunday! Okay, actually it isn’t. The day I’ve been waiting for. If you are like me, one of the six people in the world who doesn’t care whether the Patriots or Eagles win, or which are the most innovative, funny or cute commercials to air during the game, or interested in the anticipated spectacular half-time show, you might be looking for things to do.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Binge watch something new (or old) on Netflix.
  • Bake something sweet.
  • Chill out coloring a pretty page.
  • Take a nap.
  • Lose yourself in a good book.
  • Get your creative juices flowing and start a craft project.
  • Watch the snow fall.

And if by chance, one is stuck watching the big game, hold out hope that Heidi might begin soon. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Google Heidi Bowl!)

Whether football is part of your day or not, hope it’s a good one!



Rabbit, Rabbit

There is a superstition that says if you say “Rabbit, Rabbit” or a variation by either the number of rabbits or words (“white rabbit” or “rabbits”) upon waking the first day of the month, then you will have good luck throughout the month.

alice's adventures in wonderland

I can’t see a white rabbit without thinking about my favorite childhood book- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This is my beloved copy.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” -Ernest Hemingway

As I sit here recovering from the flu, I can use all the luck I can get so I will wish you a Happy Rabbit, Rabbit Day and a lucky, healthy February!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved


“There’s a snake in my boot!”

woody with hat
‘You’re my favorite deputy!”



Little did we know that back in 1995 when we were first introduced to the movie, Toy Story, that Woody, Andy’s favorite toy would become a family favorite who would still be with us over 20 years later. His arm is torn, his buttons are loose and his string doesn’t work, but I think the old guy has held up pretty good considering his age.





woody up on shelf
“Reach for the sky!”


Woody has found himself in a number of predicaments over the years. And sadly, due to accidents from so much playing, he’s been shelved from time to time…for his own safety, of course. He always kept a watchful eye over the household while he was out of commission. Sort of an off-season Elf on the Shelf, you might say!





woody hangingLucky for Woody his pals- Buzz, Jessie and Bullseye- are usually nearby and willing to help him out when he’s in need of a friend.

“I can’t stop Andy from growing up. But I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”       -Woody, Toy Story

all the woodies

“Now Woody, he’s been my pal for as long as I can remember. He’s brave, like a cowboy should be, and kind and smart. But the thing that makes Woody special is he’ll never give up on you…ever. He’ll be there for you, no matter what.”—Andy as he finally decides to hand Woody over to Bonnie.

Woody is a frequent guest subject in my photographs and the really cool thing about this is that with the exception of the photo of the four Woodies, his photos are not staged. Whether it’s compliments of the big kids (ages 27 and 22) or the little kids (ages 8 and 3), Woody continues to live an active life full of adventures- and I love it!

Weekly Photo Challenge- Variations on a Theme

Silence of a Different Kind

bw hands
Three years ago, Beej came into the world and changed my life forever. I had become a young grandma when my oldest son married someone who already had a child, CJ. so I was familiar with the fun of grandparenting a child who was already potty trained, out of a crib, off a bottle….an independent child.

And then Beej was born and everything changed. Due to circumstances beyond our control (handy phrase, isn’t it?) Beej and I found ourselves spending major stretches of time together and we created a bond that went deeper than that doting grandma who bounces the baby on her knee, then smiles as she hands him off to his parents at the first sign of tears.

Spending so much time with first an infant, then a toddler and now and emerging preschooler does not make for much silence around our house. The result was me and Beej creating our own kind of silence. Maybe it wasn’t the complete quiet where the only sound you can hear is the refrigerator running or a siren blaring faintly in the distance but it is a silence all the same.

bw beej choosing books


Beej was born a lover of books, a future master reader. We share this passion and I know for a fact that I have read more books to him than I could have possibly read to all three of my children combined.




bw beej playing


When we aren’t reading, Beej is playing. A lot. His imagination seems to be never ending and I never know what he’s going to think of next. He doesn’t need a screen or even another person to entertain him. He’s happy in his own little make believe world where he assigns roles to anyone who happens to be passing by. I have been Percy to his Thomas, Lightning to his Cruze, and Stacy Jones to his Tanya.



“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.”

-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Most of my days might not be filled with your “typical” silence but I’ve learned to savor the times Beej and I spend together. Whether the silence is accented with the sound of me reading as pages turn or Beej’s little voice narrating an elaborate scenario, often peppered with whatever song he deems appropriate, this silence is a precious time. It really is an unexpected blessing that never fails to fill me with joy. This grandparenting gig might have come sooner than I anticipated but boy, is it worth it!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

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Three Things Thursday- on Monday

Last week is a blur. If you were to ask me what I did, I would be hard pressed to remember. Finding three things that made me happy? Yikes! Scrolling through the pictures on my phone helped jog my memory- thank goodness for my phone!!!

#ThreeThingsThursday- was created by Emily at Nerd in the Brain and hosted by Natalie at There She Goes. Three Things Thursday is a list of three things that made you happy this week.

Here are my three-

curtainsWhen we moved into this house over 20 years ago, we put up navy vertical blinds in the family room. They were cheap, a quick fix for windows that needed covering and temporary. Temporary! And 22 years later, I’m happy to report that we took them down! I prefer my new curtains and I won’t miss the clattering sound of the blinds on windy days.

strawberry bread

I’m not a baker. Here is my latest effort. I needed to use the strawberries before they went bad. (Apparently Beej isn’t eating strawberries this week.) Usually my husband eats my pathetic attempts in the kitchen and compliments them- no matter how bad. This time he admitted that the strawberry bread was, in fact, EH. He revised it to “growing on him” but seriously, it’s bad and we had a good laugh about it.


puddle jumping


My last thing is just pure joy. We are having a warm day here in the Midwest and little Beej, just like his Uncle Andrew at this age, cannot resist the call of any and all puddles. Although blurry, I caught him in mid jump. Puddle jumping is the best, especially when we have nowhere else to be and plenty of dry socks and pants to change into!




What three things made you smile this week?


Three Things Thursday

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: V

I love photography challenges. One of these days, I’ll actually sit down with my DSLR camera and figure out how to use it! Until then, my iPhone does a pretty good job of capturing the pictures that I want. There’s nothing like a good challenge- like this week’s for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, which is a word which starts with the letter V and has at least six letters.

violet flower
Violet-colored flower
Violin (in need of some repair!)

cee's fun foto badge

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27 Harsh Facts Every New Blogger Should Know About Blogging

These 27 harsh facts stand true for new bloggers, old bloggers, all bloggers. Hugh shares the reality of blogging in the following post.

Hugh's Views & News

Thinking of starting a blog? Here are 27 harsh facts I’ve learned about the world of blogging since I started my blog in February 2014.

#bloggingtips #blogging #bloggers

  1. Blogging can become addictive and take over your life.
  2. You’ll probably lose touch with some friends because you won’t have the time to keep in touch with them anymore.
  3. Readers don’t find your blog, you have to find them.
  4. Just because somebody ‘liked’ your blog post, does not mean they read it.
  5. Just because somebody left a comment on your blog post, does not mean they read it.
  6. Blogging can seriously stress you out and make you feel guilty (if you allow it).
  7. You’ve more chance of winning the lottery jackpot, than one of your blog posts going viral.
  8. Over 81% of bloggers who want to make some money out of blogging, will never earn more than £100.
  9. Not everyone will agree with what you have to say.
  10. Not everyone will…

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Today and Every Day

I wrote this for Martin Luther King Day last year and I’m sharing it again this year because I believe it still holds true today.

Today is the day we honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Our children are taught about his dream, his work, and his words. All of a vital part of our history. But he represents more than just a piece of history- a time of civil unrest and injustice. What he began, along with others, remains a work in progress. A marathon. A 50+ year marathon.

I typed and backspaced and typed and backspaced many times trying to capture meaningful words to express my feelings on this day. Let’s be honest. The things that our children are taught, the quotes we share, the talking points of this day are important every day. They should be represented in our lifestyle, our words, our actions. And the most fitting words that I can find were said by Martin Luther King, Jr. himself.

  • “The time is always right to do what is right.”
  • “Our lives…

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