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“When I was a kid, I walked 10 miles to school in a blizzard, uphill- both ways!”

Last week as the east coast got buried under mountains of snow, I watched the news with a mixture of sympathy and relief. And then the snow came. Chicago received its 5th largest snowfall on record – 19.3 inches. While it doesn’t compare to what’s been going on out east, getting 16.2 inches in one day was enough to shut down the city and surrounding areas.

Growing up in the Midwest winter was always a mixed bag. While we regularly got snow, we did not get school days off for snow. I have memories of my mom listening to the radio early in the morning after a night of steady snow. Us kids would be huddled around the tv, watching the news, waiting to hear our school district as part of the list of schools that were closed. It never happened. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. It happened a few times but in all honesty from kindergarten through senior year of high school, I can count on one hand the number of snow days that we actually had. It was depressing as a kid. It seemed as if every school surrounding ours was off and we weren’t. And sometimes it was true! All I wanted was the surprise of an unexpected day off!

Then I had kids and the threat of snow days took on a different meaning. Instead of anticipation, I watched those school names scroll across the bottom of the screen and listened for the dreaded phone call announcing the close of school. Not only did it mess up my schedule, although the kids would love the free day, come the end of the school year when that day was tacked on, I would hear the complaints. Luckily for me (and not so much for them), they attended the same schools I did for K-8th grade, so they had very few snow days.

And as irony would have it, little CJ also attends school in the same district. But times have changed, along with administration, and he has had 3 weather related days off school in the past 4 weeks. His dad likes to boast about how when he was a kid he braved the elements (the comfort of my heated car dropping him off at the school entrance) and never had a day off. He likes to add that once I actually took him to school one of the only snow days and tried to make him go to school anyway!

It’s pretty to look at- for a few hours. Then the combination of the sun reflecting off the snow becomes blinding and gives me a headache. Before long, it will be a dirty slushy mess. I’m not a fan of winter- especially snow, can you tell? I will leave you with the view out my window and a quote that sums it up for me.


A lot of people like snow.. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” – Carl Reiner


This post is also in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt “Depth”

10 thoughts on ““When I was a kid, I walked 10 miles to school in a blizzard, uphill- both ways!”

  1. When I was at school, the weather never closed the school down. We had some really hard winters, but no, life carried on almost as normal as possible. Now if just one snowfall falls on the UK, the whole country goes into meltdown and the BBC make such a big fuss about it that anybody would think there was an invasion from Mars happening. Supermarkets are almost striped bare, public transport comes to a halt and we are all warned to stay at home.

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    1. LOL That has happened here a few times but it was only with a substantial amount of snow. Okay, there are people who do run out and buy all the milk and bread in the store at the sign of one snowflake but I think for the most part we don’t freak too easily. All those things that you mentioned DID happen on Sunday but we did get nearly 20 inches of snow in a 24 hour period so I think it was justified. 🙂

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      1. So do I, Kat, it’s when just a few flakes fall and people go shopping mad in the supermarkets that I find hard to justify, but it’s always happening over here, especially as this Winter we’ve had snow, although no where near as much as you have had in the States.

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  2. I remember when I was at school, it snowed for the first time in about 5 years, we braved it to school to find out that they were understaffed as teachers couldn’t come in. All we had to do was wait until 9:15 for it to be official. So we waited, and waited, then at what felt like 9:14 who shows up? My flipping classes tutor, can you imagine the sound of 700 teenagers groaning FFS all at once? Then having 670 of those teenagers looking at my class thinking, “You did this to us!”
    Worst Snow Day EVER!

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  3. Growing up in Oz we obviously didnt have snow days but if it got above 42C (107F) then we would get a day off. Best day ever! Now here in Turkiye the temperatures have to reach 50C before she gets a day off school. “Sucks to be me right now” Direct quote from a 12 year old!

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    1. OH wow! I never really considered getting days off for extreme heat! Well then, being 12, the importance of an unexpected day off is of the utmost importance!


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