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O is for Out My Window

a to z out my window

Some days the view is better than others. I don’t mind the rainy days. It’s soothing to listen to the rain as long as it isn’t pelting the window! And if there’s thunder and lightning? That might not be soothing but I like that too! Looking at this picture reminds me that I have to clean out that massive web or whatever it is in between the glass and the screen before I open that window. Okay, let’s be honest here- my husband has to clean it out. I’m not a fan of spider webs or anything sticky like that.

I haven’t had a chance to actually sit down and enjoy that view out my window but that time will come. For now my writing comes from my spot on the couch while I spend time with my loved one. I’m determined to stay no more than one day behind on this challenge….

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Have a great day!



N is for Nighttime


a to z nighttime ninjago
A scene from a Ninjago episode

N is for Nighttime and it is also for Ninjago. If you aren’t familiar, it is a Lego theme that has a tv show. CJ and I watched it on Netflix last night. It features ninjas….. The one pictured on the far right is a ghost. I’m not sure what his name is. There is also a mysterious Green Ninja- I believe his identity might have been recently revealed. And although something happened to Lloyd at the end of the first episode we watched, have no fear, Lloyd resurfaced on the next episode safe and sound. Who is Lloyd? I don’t know. By now you’ve probably figured out that there is more that I don’t know than I do know about the Ninjago world.

I’ve always maintained that children tell you what they need. You only need to pay attention to what they are saying.CJ requested me as the grandparent to put him to bed so I was there by invite. Usually my husband has the honor while I’m wrestling Beej into submission. I’m touched that he wants to share this nighttime ritual with me. Watching a tv show I don’t know anything about and then reading a bedtime book (once again, one that’s 3/4 read and I have no clue what I’m reading about) are such small things but to CJ they are so important. And because they are important to CJ, they are important to me.

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M is for Morning

a to z morning flowers
Amazing Comeback!

Every morning I stop to check on the flowers on my way into my Loved One’s house. Let me tell you, these guys have been through the wringer since they first popped their sprouts above ground a few weeks ago. The temperature has been all over the place in the past week and these flowers haven’t given up. I was sure they were a goner when they were buried under the heavy snow on Sunday but lo and behold, this morning they had actually multiplied and I’m predicting that by afternoon they will be standing at attention in full bloom.

Over the past four months, my life has taken yet another turn and I’ve found myself headed in a direction much different than I expected. It was only recently when someone commented on how I had lost touch of my life that I realized that I could no longer use the circumstances as an excuse. It is time for me to accept that this is what my life is. I’m part of the sandwich generation, actually a double decker or club sandwich- depending on which term you use. I’m caring for multiple generations, in addition to my own kids- who are technically grown up and not requiring as much attention. It’s not something that happened to me. It might not be the path I would have chosen but it looks like it chose me and this is where I am. In all cases I’m given this precious opportunity to spend time caring for and being with people in my life that might not have played such a prominent role in my life under different circumstances. I might have talked to my loved one and visited regularly but not known the relationship that ours has developed into as her health declines. And the little guys would have probably been my dear grandsons who I love dearly and baby sat and spent time with but didn’t know as much as I do these two since they spend half their time with us. All of these relationships are deeper and fuller than I thought they could be. And for that I’m grateful.

As for those flowers? Every morning I’ll pause to check their progress and admire their strength, beauty and perseverance and they will forever remind me of this heartbreaking yet special time with people I love.

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Peace and love,







L is for Landscape

spring backyard

It’s snowing today. I would like to say this isn’t typical April weather in the Midwest, but I would be lying. Tracking the progress of the daffodils in front of the house, any weather is typical weather. In the past week we’ve had everything from rain, sleet, wind, sunshine, and snow. But in my dreams, I’m in my happy place and the landscape is green and sunny and warm. I’m sure those days will be here before long, but until then I’m dreaming about them while I wake up each day wondering how to dress.

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K is for Kindness

a to z kindness

For as long as I can remember, my husband has left Cadbury Creme Eggs on my desk or counter for me to find. He knows how much I love them and finding them brings a smile to my face. These treats are just a small example of the kindness that has been extended toward me over the past few months. Each act of kindness reminds me how blessed and lucky I am to have these people in my life. And their kindness is what gets me through the difficult days. It gives me extra patience when I’m struggling to find any. It gives me strength just knowing they are there pulling for me. It’s priceless.

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” -Scott Adams

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Peace, love & kindness,