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Moments of Perfection

Nothing is perfect. Least of all me. But there have been moments, some fleeting, some lasting a bit longer. If I was to give it more than a passing thought, there are so many of these moments of perfection. But for this post for #SoCS, I’m winging it and listing those moments that pop into my head without poking, prodding or searching. This list comes in no particular order other than the order I thought of it.

  • The first time I held each of my children after they were born. Meeting the little beings who had been inhabiting my body for months was priceless.
  • Any time I listen to music my youngest, Andrew, has written, and even more perfect if he’s performing it.
  • The Mother’s Day that my husband planned with the kids what they thought would be my perfect day and it included going to see the movie Ella Enchanted. (It was a good day.)
  • The Mother’s Day my husband took me away from my kids and we went to see my favorite team play. (It was also a good day.)
  • When Kris was in middle school, they had to write a paper about someone who had majorly influenced their life. I suggested a few different teachers that had been so supportive of Kris over the years and Kris led me to believe that they were writing about one of them. The feeling when they handed me the finished paper and I realized Kris had written about me is one I will never forget.
  • My husband telling me that we WILL be going to Disney World this summer- without a doubt. We were slated to go in 2020 and when we hit 2022 and Covid was still around I was beginning to feel hopeless.
  • And while on the subject of Disney, one of my most perfect memories from our last trip (8 years ago) was my adult children and husband still humoring me and going on my three required rides in the Magic Kingdom. This is a tradition that I’m hoping we will be repeating in a few months!
  • The look on our dog, Ari’s face when I found her at the shelter. It was a kind of, ‘I’ve been waiting for you!’ When we went into a room to get acquainted I sat on the floor, she walked up to me, curled up in my lap and fell asleep.
  • Walking into the hospital nursery and laying eyes on baby Beej for the first time. I had no way of knowing how different our relationship would be than any other I’ve had with a child. Eight years plus into our grandmother/grandson relationship and our bond grows tighter each passing year.
  • Any time I see my three grown children laughing together.
  • Hearing my Dad sing

Gosh, it seems like I’ve turned on a faucet that keeps pouring out memories that mean so much to me. I’m glad I was able to capture them before they vanish in the busyness of daily life. It tells me one sure thing. I am truly blessed.

This post is for Stream of Consciousness Saturday Feb. 4, 2023- Perfection., Fandango’s One Word Challenge- Least and Ragtag Daily Prompt- Vanish.

Happy Saturday!



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