30 Days of Thanks- Day 3


I am thankful for a quiet day with an affectionate (and silent) companion. After a very hectic shower complete with every a lot of fake small talk, fake smiles and fake hugs, it is so nice to spend time in the silence with my pal, Ari. She is thankful to be home since she was shipped off to Grandma’s house and missed the shower. Apparently spending the night at Grandma’s house is very exhausting work because she needed a quiet day of recovery herself.



Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge- Theme Song


11/3/14 Prompt- “What would the theme song to your life be?”

Check out guidelines below!

My theme song would be “Freckles” by Natasha Bedingfield. Growing up I was soooooooo self-conscious about my freckles and I connect strongly with this song. I learned to love my freckles and I’m hoping that I passed that love on to my children- especially the two that got my freckles!

Welcome to the Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge!


⋅This is a just-for-fun challenge- everyone’s a winner here!

⋅Each Monday morning I will post a prompt in the form of a word, phrase, photo…..

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⋅Have fun!




Photography 101: Home



I’m participating in the Photography 101 Course and the first assignment is- “Home”- something that means home. I chose a photo of my books. This corner is right behind the chair I sit in to watch tv or read. And it’s home to me.