Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge- If I Had a Superpower…

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There’s only one superpower I would like to have and that’s the ability to read minds. I realize it’s a slippery slope. If someone gives me weird vibe, there’s a reason. I am able to read people. Maybe it’s because I’m so quiet and I’m always listening and watching other people. All I know is that if someone gives me a wonky vibe, then I’m not going to ignore it. I haven’t been wrong yet. Why would I want to be able to read minds? Sometimes I wonder about other people- ones who miss all those cues that are shouting at me that a person is not reliable or untrustworthy or has ulterior motives. I wonder what their thought process is- what are they seeing that convinces them that this ax murderer is someone to trust just because Joe Schmo says so.

That’s the easy answer. The harder one- I trust my gut instinct when it comes to people accepting Kris. Early on a friend asked if maybe I was just projecting unacknowledged issues deep within myself onto other people. That threw me off. What if I was? What did that mean? That my gut instinct was all off and maybe did not exist at all? I followed that feeling but if it wasn’t anything at all, what the hell had I been doing all my life? A quick head shake cleared that up. If that’s what I was doing- dumping my unconscious feelings onto others, then why was it only certain people? And why was it people who have essentially proven themselves to have issues with Kris? I don’t take people at face value. I don’t trust that what they are saying is what they mean, even though that’s how I roll. I find that most people will say what you want to hear and then the truth will out.. By actions, words or deeds the truth makes itself known. It would be nice to just once have a conversation with someone about Kris and KNOW that they were sincere. To not have to weigh their words and wait and see if they vanish in thin air or actually stick around.

I know. It’s selfish and lazy of me to want a superpower to use to make my life just a little easier. But, hey, it’s my superpower and that’s how I would use it.

What would your superpower be?


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A special shout out goes to- Claire at transgenderandme for participating in last week’s challenge! Thank you so much!