100$ Bill

“100$ Bill” by Jay-Z. I’m sure this is the song you expected for Day 20- the last song alphabetically in your iPod. I have a few things to say about this-

– “Alphabetically” the songs beginning with a number follow the letters in your iPod. (If you don’t believe me, go check it out. It’s true!)

– I don’t listen to Jay-Z. I don’t even know who Jay-Z is. I’m guessing he’s a rapper? And that he’s just one person and not a group hiding behind a band name that sounds like one person??

– I’m not really into rap although I do have Aaron Carter’s “Aaron’s Party” floating around somewhere. (Does that qualify as rap?) I can hear my kids mentally groaning right now.

-I’m not a big fan of this song. The only reason it made it onto my song list is because it was easier for me to add the entire CD than take out the one or two songs that I didn’t want. I’ve lost my playlist and all my music on iTunes too many times to list so I’ve finally resorted to adding entire CDs to save time.

– This song is the opener for the soundtrack for “The Great Gatsby,” which I loved, along with the book. I know that this is a “love or hate” movie. I’m on Team Love! The music enhances the uniqueness of the film. (Just my own opinion)

So, there you have it. Day 20. What do you think? Do you have any songs on your iPod or phone that you really don’t like? (Oh and while we are on that topic, don’t get me started on the oh so kind gift from U2 on my iPhone. Every time one of those songs come on, I think wtf and then realize what it is.)