Kat Got Your Tongue- Sleep


This week’s prompt- SLEEP!

Friend or foe?

Share your thoughts (coherency is not required if you’re sleep deprived) or a favorite photo.

Want to know what I think about sleep?

You can read it at In Need of a Kat Nap



Christine at No Empty Nest for Me and I discussed coming up with goals based on the oneword365 idea and surprisingly enough, we chose the same word- FOCUS!

My blogging friend, Cai, has a great list of things he is hoping to implement this year which will help him reach some big goals.

My friend, Hugh, over at Hugh’s Views & News is waiting for warmer weather to make his resolutions and he was very successful with last year’s.

Winter Bayne goes with a yearly motto and the 2015 motto has been revealed. I like this idea, as well as the one world for the year idea.

Maria at Peaceful Yoga Mama has a different approach to choosing her word for the year. She creates a vision board and pulls a tarot card for the year.

Joy at Tellin’ it like it is… feels that she is more of a goal setter.

It was fun hearing from all of you! I can’t wait to hear how all the goals, resolutions, words and mottos work out for everyone!

Have a good day! Hope you’re catching your zzzzz’s!

5 thoughts on “Kat Got Your Tongue- Sleep

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