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Writer’s Quote Wednesday- “Life is What Happens…”


My quote for the week is from the song, “Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon. This quote says it all for me. We always seem to be looking forward.

When I grow up-

After the holidays-

This summer-

Next week-

And then you wake up one day to realize that life was happening all that time and hopefully you were there in the moment, experiencing it and not just waiting for something that has not happened yet. It’s how I feel about this blog. For the longest time writing was put on hold. Someday, I would have time. I jumped into this blog, completely unprepared but tired of waiting for all the circumstances to be absolutely perfect.

It’s important to live your life. Live in the moment. Make each day count. Do those things you want to do- start that blog and write!

Thank you to Colleen at Silver Threading for hosting Writer’s Quote Wednesday!