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The Great Book of Lists: Chapter 2.2- Words That Matter

This week’s topic for the Great Book of Lists: Chapter 2.2- Words That Matter

Words, as simple as they may seem, possess power. Once spoken, you cannot take them back. Once said, it’ll be either white or black.
So today, let’s make a list of those words that has pushed you forward, to do good, to be glad. Words that kept you standing. Words that encouraged you to keep moving. Words that picked you up. Words that lit you up. Words that introduced you to an unknown world. Words that explained you the meaning of life, even beyond earth.
Those words deserve to be shared, so let’s share them today.

For this week’s chapter I chose some of my favorite quotes from past posts. What I love about this challenge is that so many times I’ve looked at the topic and thought- there are so many things I could list! It really makes me think about what matters most. 🙂


What are some of your favorite words?

12 thoughts on “The Great Book of Lists: Chapter 2.2- Words That Matter

  1. That Dr. Seuss quote is a great one. I recently heard someone say that we’re a culture of people clicking “like” on Facebook rather than actually doing something to make the world better. Dr. Seuss knew how to fix that!

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