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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 13- Love

“I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)” -e.e. cummings


How could I NOT share the most special Valentine I received this year from my favorite 6 year old? A few things to note- the marks by the heart’s hands are the motion of his hands flapping, that is his curly hair on top although it is colored in orange (which it is not) and he has eyebrows. Little CJ and I have shared a rocky journey but I love him more than anything and it’s small things like this that tell me that he knows it.

And there you have it- my offering for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 13- Love. Be sure to click on the link to stop by Hugh’s place and check out this challenge as well as the other cool things he does!


The Great Book of Lists: Chapter 2.1- Favorite Onscreen Kisses

I’m running a bit behind but here is the latest in The Great Book of Lists: Chapter 2.1- Favorite Onscreen Kisses.I am a sucker for a good romance, especially that long awaited kiss that brings the couple together.

Here are my favorites-

-Bridget Jones’s Diary-

-Four Weddings and a Funeral-

-Some Kind of Wonderful-

-When Harry Met Sally-

And my all time favorite onscreen TV kiss-

-Friends- Ross and Rachel’s First Kiss

There are so many more that I could add to this list but I thought it was best to keep it to 5!