No One is Alone

No One is Alone

I’ve been mulling over topics for this week’s Be Wonderful on Wednesday post. Unfortunately life is rearing its ugly head and causing all sorts of distractions that I am not liking much. The end result is that although I’m able to channel my inner mermaid through photo challenges/posts, I can’t form a coherent thought.

I struggle with anxiety and this past week I can feel it growing and along with it, many emotions that I don’t like. I’m feeling quite alone and isolated.

This song keeps running through my head so I’m going to take that as a sign for me and anyone else who might be struggling. Whether you are alone (by choice or not) or just feeling that way, the truth is that you are not alone. “No One is Alone” is a song from the movie adaptation Into the Woods. This song touches on a much farther reaching theme, which is part of another post that it is in the works, but it’s general message works for today as well.

The truth of the matter is that we are never truly alone.

Ronovan invites bloggers to share encouraging and motivational posts on Wednesdays. You can check out his latest post Blogging Mental Health: Phobias, Disorders, Anxieties as well as others under #BeWoW.


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