Peace & Love

Peace & Love

ringoIn honor of his 75th birthday, Ringo Starr asked people to send out a message of “Peace & Love” at noon wherever they live. Isn’t that just like him? This is his 10th year celebrating in this manner.

While John Lennon will always be my favorite Beatle, Ringo is probably my #2. And it’s not because he’s a drummer, although I do love my percussion!!!!. It’s his personality. He just exudes PEACE and LOVE. He might not be the greatest singer or song writer around but he makes up for it in COOL.

A few fun Ringo facts:

– My sons’ introduction to Ringo was when he played the narrator- Mr. Conductor on the children’s television show- Thomas and Friends.

– In addition to being a musician, Ringo is also an artist! You can check out his work at Ringo Starr Art. It is quite original; a cool thing about his art is that 100% of the proceeds benefit The Lotus Foundation.

– On Ringo’s 1973 album, Ringo,  3 of the 4 Beatles (Ringo, John and George) are featured in the song written by John Lennon- “I’m the Greatest”.

Happy Birthday, Ringo!

peace and love


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