V is for Vinnie Barbarino #AtoZChallenge

“Up your nose with a rubber hose.”

Airing from 1975-1979, Welcome Back, Kotter is a sitcom that screams 70’s to me. Gabe Kotter comes back to teach a remedial class of under-performers known as the Sweathogs at the high school where he once was a Sweathog himself. The Sweathogs are comprised of Vinnie Barbarino, Freddie Washington, Juan Epstein, and Arnold Horshack. They make up a diverse group with very unique personalities.

I was always sweet on Barbarino. What with those beautiful locks, the dimple and smile…. sigh. John Travolta oozed charm, didn’t he?

What I found interesting was not that the actors playing the Sweathogs were slightly older than high school age in real life(from 21-26), but that Mr. and Mrs. Kotter were in fact portrayed by actors who were 27 and 30 in real life. Although it was evident that those Sweathogs were not teenagers, I didn’t realize how close the cast was in age. You know how distorted your idea of age is when you are growing up.

Some popular catch phrases to come from the series were:

  • “I’m so confused!” -Vinnie
  • “Hi there!”- Freddie, in that oh so deep voice
  • “Hellooohhhh. How are ya? I am Arnold HorshAAAAAck.”- Arnold, in true Arnold fashion
  • “Did I ever tell you about my Uncle Max?” -Mr. Kotter, always the jokester

It might not have been a realistic depiction of high school in the 70’s but it was no more off base than any other high school sitcom!

This post is part of Blogging from A-Z Challenge- V.

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7 thoughts on “V is for Vinnie Barbarino #AtoZChallenge

  1. Perhaps this is why some people were confused about age appropriateness. There was a girl in a grade younger than my grade in high school who would be seen talking to a somewhat young male teacher after class. I learned, years down the road, that they got married (to each other). Of course, people who are too old for high school frequently play high-school-age roles.

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      • I just remembered that the specific teacher she married had a similar look, too, to Kotter. (By the way, I married someone who shouldn’t have been dating a person the age I was. However, I didn’t flirt with a teacher—and a teacher didn’t go for that kind of relationship where I was concerned. I can give them the benefit of the doubt and guess it didn’t get serious until she was of age. My first date, in this matter, was set up by my mother. But she didn’t watch the show, I think she just had old fashioned ideas for her daughter tha their daughter didn’t know about.)

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