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Z is for Zoom #AtoZChallenge

ZOOM first aired on tv in 1972. It was mostly unscripted with an all child cast. It wasn’t a spring board for child stars- in fact the children’s contracts restricted them from making any tv appearances or commercials for three years after they left the show. The children did not stay on the show long, either because of age or being on “enough” episodes. They did not want “stars” on the show although some of the kids were more popular than others.

I remember Bernadette and her cool arm movements. I cannot describe these movements but they are memorable. In my research looking around for her arm thingies, I discovered that some of the former Zoomers (now parents theirselves) had made Zoom like videos called “ZOOM Into Action. I’ve added Bernadette’s video- complete with her arm thingie at the beginning of her intro.

ZOOM was unique because it was mostly unscripted and there were no adults on the show. I felt like I could relate to the kids on the screen because they seemed like kids I might find in my school.

I can’t believe I made it through the entire month of Blogging From A to Z! It was my most effortless attempt and although it did not produce any amazing writing, it did bring back many fond memories.

I’ve wanted to use the 1970’s as a theme for a few years now. I’m glad that it worked out!!

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Happy Friday!


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Y is for “You’re the One That I Want” #AtoZChallenge

I was sixteen when Grease was released in movie theaters. If that wasn’t the perfect age for this movie, I’m not sure what was! From the first viewing, I fell in love with all of it. The fifties vibes. The clothes. The music. The characters AND the actors. The story. Who couldn’t fall for the love story of Danny and Sandy?

Torn apart by their differences, “You’re the One That I Want” is the perfect showcase for their open display of how far they are willing to go to be what the other one wants them to be and realizing they didn’t have to change at all. Watching this video now, it doesn’t seem quite as risque as I remembered as a teenager.

I had the record album, which I played to death. I burned off endless calories performing along with all of the songs- sometimes with my siblings in tow. This always wound up with bickering over who could play each part. (And my baby sister in tears because she was always too young and small to play Sandy or Rizzo, the ultimate bad girl with the heart of gold.)

We all became 1950’s greasers when it was time to sing “Greased Lightning” and dreamy swoony girls over “Beauty School Drop Out.”

And to this day, my absolute favorite quote of the movie is-

“You can’t just walk out of a drive-in!” -Danny Zuko

Writing this post makes me want to watch it again. I’ve sat here with a smile on my face the entire time. What a happy memory!

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X is for X-tra #AtoZChallenge

I’m sure I could have found something from my childhood that began with X. But I was so happy that this year’s challenge was going really well after last year’s bomb, that I gave myself a pass and settled on using X to share some photo tidbits of my life in the 70’s. It’s not easy for me to do- give myself a pass. I’m working on being more mindful of what I’m feeling and what I need to do for myself when I’m down or stressed or overwhelmed.

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Hope your day is filled with sunshine!


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W is for Weebles #AtoZChallenge

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! Yup. It’s true and if you played with Weebles growing up, you know it. In the 70’s Weebles were much smaller than the more recent version. That was back before the majority of our toys were choking hazards or one of many other unknown at the time dangers. When Weebles were re-introduced when my kids were younger, they were much bigger.

We had a lot of fun trying to get them to fall down but just like advertised, they did not fall down. It’s probably the only toy I’ve ever known that lived up to its billilng!

The Weeble girl holding the apple is a survivor from my childhood days. She’s the only one. The Weebles that my own kids played with did not make the cut. They were also not quite as much fun in the late 90’s and early 2000’s as they were back in the 70’s.

What about you? Did you have Weebles?

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Have a great day!


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V is for Vinnie Barbarino #AtoZChallenge

“Up your nose with a rubber hose.”

Airing from 1975-1979, Welcome Back, Kotter is a sitcom that screams 70’s to me. Gabe Kotter comes back to teach a remedial class of under-performers known as the Sweathogs at the high school where he once was a Sweathog himself. The Sweathogs are comprised of Vinnie Barbarino, Freddie Washington, Juan Epstein, and Arnold Horshack. They make up a diverse group with very unique personalities.

I was always sweet on Barbarino. What with those beautiful locks, the dimple and smile…. sigh. John Travolta oozed charm, didn’t he?

What I found interesting was not that the actors playing the Sweathogs were slightly older than high school age in real life(from 21-26), but that Mr. and Mrs. Kotter were in fact portrayed by actors who were 27 and 30 in real life. Although it was evident that those Sweathogs were not teenagers, I didn’t realize how close the cast was in age. You know how distorted your idea of age is when you are growing up.

Some popular catch phrases to come from the series were:

  • “I’m so confused!” -Vinnie
  • “Hi there!”- Freddie, in that oh so deep voice
  • “Hellooohhhh. How are ya? I am Arnold HorshAAAAAck.”- Arnold, in true Arnold fashion
  • “Did I ever tell you about my Uncle Max?” -Mr. Kotter, always the jokester

It might not have been a realistic depiction of high school in the 70’s but it was no more off base than any other high school sitcom!

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Hope you have a great week!