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D is for Davidson- Charley Davison

And now for someone a little different. My D female fictional character is Charley Davidson. She is the main character in the book series by the same name written by Darynda Jones.

Charley is definitely a departure from the characters that I’ve highlighted so far. She is a private investigator/grim reaper. She sees the dead and as she is a portal to heaven, she sees parts of their lives as they pass through her. She’s pretty badass but it takes her awhile to realize just how much. She doesn’t have time to escape in a good book or daydream about saving the world because she’s actually living it. She has a penchant for naming things in her life, such as her appliances, furniture, body parts…. She is witty and sarcastic and pretty cool.

“I totally need to read that book how to win friends and influence people. But that would involve an innate desire to win friends and influence people.” -Charley Davidson in First Grave on the Right

(We are nothing alike except of innate lack of desire to win friends and influence people.)


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Stay safe- stay safe


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C is for Catherine

“I am delighted with the book. I shall like to spend my whole life reading it.” -Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey

Being one of the last Jane Austen books read, Northanger Abbey rivaled Pride and Prejudice and Emma as my favorite. Catherine. The book begins with her as a teenager who is addicted to gothic novels. Her imagination gets the best of her as she tries to apply what she finds in books to real life and finds the two to be quite different from each other. She sees mystery where there is none. Throughout the book she learns and grows but remains her unique self.

These days I find myself with my nose stuck in a book as much as possible. If I could, I would just curl up in my favorite chair reading. It’s my favorite escape and best anxiety reliever.

Are you a reader of Jane Austen? Do you have a favorite? Are you familiar with Catherine and Northanger Abbey?


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Happy Reading!


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A is for Anne

Oh, such high hopes! Although I was late starting my prep, I was sooooo hopeful! And then you-know-what hit big time and life as I knew it changed. In days of shelter in place, stay at home, social distancing and quarantine, kids in different states, kids in positions considered essential and daily risking exposure, family members with at risk health conditions…… yeah the A to Z Challenge slipped my mind. Having rambled on enough about why I wasn’t prepared, I’ll move on to the meat and potatoes.

I’ve toyed with the idea of making books or characters my theme for this challenge. I have loved reading for as long as I can remember and what better chance to share it than through this challenge! After tweaking and searching and thinking a bit, I finally landed on the theme- My Favorite Female Book Characters. I wanted to say ‘literary’ but that just feels sort of stuffy for some of mine. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but goodness knows it’s not like I don’t have anything but time on my hands these days! Because I love quotes, I plan on including a quote from the character along with a description.

I’m already behind so I better get working here!

A is for Anne- Anne Shirley

Anne Shirley is the main character of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables books. Anne is a skinny redheaded orphan with a penchant for getting into trouble and blurting out what’s on her mind. When she arrives at the farm of siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, she hopes she has found a home. Gilbert Blythe, who starts off on the wrong foot with Anne, has always been one of my favorites. Their rivalry has always amused me and when I first began reading the books, I wasn’t sure if they would ever figure out how to get along. (I was probably around ten years old then so what did I know?)

“True friends are always together in spirit.” -Anne of Green Gables

It seems fitting to kick off the month (albeit a few days late) with this quote. Having spent a few weeks only having contact with the same handful of people, none of them being my best friends, I miss my buddies horribly! I swear I’ve never texted so much as I have since we became a stay at home state.

Back to Anne, strangely enough I don’t own any of the Anne of Green Gables books. I checked them out endlessly as a child and re-read them so many times I knew them by heart. Since the majority of my childhood books either come from my original books or ones that I pick up at thrift stores as I see them, I’m pretty sure I haven’t come across any yet. I have added the new series to my list to watch but haven’t gotten to it yet. (I’m too confused/befuddled/horrified/interested?!? in Tiger King. I know- I’m as appalled by this admission as you probably are!

Are you an Anne fan?

Stay safe!


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It Figures


Yesterday I did a double take and turned slowly to look at the calendar. I had been looking at a note that I had written with the date said March 10th. I had a momentary lapse and couldn’t remember what month it was. Before my eyes reached the top of the calendar I knew it really was March.

And then it hit like a ton of bricks. That meant that in a few short weeks it would be April. Yes, I know what you’re thinking- well, duh!?!? All the e-mails and posts about Camp NaNoWriMo that were flooding in meant one thing- – – –Ā  the A to Z Blogging Challenge was coming! That’s how my mind works. I know it might not make sense but both take place for the month of April and they are loosely connected in my mind.

Doesn’t it just figure?? Last year I was determined to be more prepared this year. (And I’m pretty sure I had the same thought in previous years.) But it’s only the 7th of March. I have over three weeks to get my act together. I’m pulling out a notebook or journal or pad of paper and I’m getting to work. I do have a few vague ideas rolling around in my head so I need to strike while the iron is hot and the ideas haven’t rolled under the couch to mingle with the dust bunnies.

What about you- are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo or the A to Z Challenge?

This post is part of SoCS- figure.

Happy Saturday!


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T is for Technology

a to z technology 2

Some people just never learn! Although four year old Beej is not as tech savvy as some of his classmates, he still figured out how to take a selfie or two when he found an abandoned cell phone laying around the other day. Imagine the owner’s surprise when she happened upon Beej’s smiling face on her camera roll!

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