You Guys* Are the BEST!


It’s official- I reached 100 followers and I couldn’t be more excited!





I’m that writer who is terrified to show her writing to anyone. I’m still not ready for people close to me to read it. I remember my excitement when I was notified that I had 1 follower. I was also scared to death. Now I had someone that could be reading my posts. That raised the bar for me. I guess I went into this hoping someone would follow me and assuming no one would.

thankyouThat being said, I want to THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart! Maybe my expectations for myself were really low. Maybe I didn’t think this through. Or maybe I was just that unfamiliar with the blogging world. I was unprepared for interacting with followers. This has been my greatest challenge and honestly, my biggest reward. I have met amazing people from all walks of life. Some of you are so much like me. Some are so very different. And I’ve been blessed to connect on a much closer level with a few special people.

I truly appreciate every single- “Like”, :), kind word, encouragement, ongoing dialogue, reblog, and follow. If you have read a post and took the time to read it through to the end, you are the reason I keep writing! Thank you so very much!!!

*Just to clarify- Guys translates to “everyone” and no specific gender. I can’t seem to shake my mid-west upbringing and although I’ve tried many variations to replace this phrase—— the only words that sound right to me are “You guys.” Picture, if you will, my group of 7 year old Brownies some 14 years ago when I addressed them as “You guys”. One said, “But we’re girls.” I just shook my head and said, “Doesn’t matter. To me, you guys are you guys.”


34 thoughts on “You Guys* Are the BEST!

  1. Hahaha I call everyone Bud, the girls in my summer camp have a hard time wrapping their head around that one. You are inspiring, keep up the good work 🙂

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      • Wouldit be considered offensive? I honestly mean like friend when I said bud… mostlychildren. Since I work with and have children! Adults it’s usually y’all lol

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      • No-oo…not offensive exactly…see, I am transgender? And have a new name, and…that’s about all I will say, lol.

        I mean, if you said it t me innocently I would NEVER let on for sure


      • Lol gotcha! I’ve never really thought about it that way. People are just people to me… transgender, gay, straight, fat, thin 😉

        It’s what’s inside. I’m known for foot in mouth syndrome at times though because I don’t think about it.

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      • Oh totes McGotes! We all say “you GUYS” out here…but it is just specifically “Hey Bud” that would touch a nerve, and only with me…there are lots of kids that my baby calls “buddy” at her school


      • If you’re from Chicago, it seems to be common to say guys. If I’m differentiating and referring to males I will say boys, men, gentlemen, young men…..and girls will be girls, young ladies or ladies. I use guys as a generic name for everyone and I guess around here, it is common. I don’t mean it to be offensive so I hope it’s not taken that way.

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      • Kat, this one really makes me laff…see, years ago, when the kids (who are from 31-24 now) were in high school, they all called me “Dad. Dude” Every. Time.

        And I let it happen, cus LG just niggled at me, to hold my tongue. She was showing me that far from disrespect, it was the ultimate respect of familiarity and comfortability.

        Years later, they told me that friends would come over and hear that, and then watch my reaction, and then marvel to my kids, and say how amazing, how cool, how INTIMATE! Cus they would never EVER call their dad dude!.

        I cannot tell you how glad I was that I stifled my own irritation and expectation and had vision to see their heart!


      • I try so hard not to- I hope you know that. 🙂 I changed the title to You All but that didn’t work – it never does when I try saying it out loud either. I know it may seem strange but I do say it a lot.


      • Oh no worries…”You Guys” is totes different! I was commenting on the person who uses “Hey Bud” the same way as “You Guys”…it is the former one which would be a bit triggering, for very specific reasons…and even then not a huge mountain.


    • 🙂 Yay! Day by day!

      (I honestly waited a few days before saying anything because I was afraid I might lose a few and start going backwards. It could still happen!)


      • I’m still working on this end of it. I admit this is difficult for me and I need to spend more time looking at which posts resonate with readers. I’m still learning.


      • it helps to read other blogs and comment, and to engage in comment conversations. Just like in college, where students are encouraged to spend an hour or two to studies for ever hour of class they take, you should spend an hour or so for every hour you devote to blogging. Blogging, like working, is as much about engaging and networking with other bloggers, as it is about blogging in of itself. (Name me one thing not actually like that in real life.)

        Posting controversial POVs and comments on occasion help, too, as long as you know what you are saying, and know how to defend your argument…


  2. I know the feeling. My first follower was my friend Lenny and I pretty much figured zie’d be my only follower. I couldn’t believe it when people I didn’t know started following me. I actually wrote to Lenny this morning saying I can’t believe people are reading what I write. And I love seeing that little orange box pop up at the top of the screen.

    I live in Ontario but “you guys” is pretty common here as well and the youths are calling everyone “dudes”.


    • Thank you! You are very kind. I know I have work to do. I had hoped to participate in the Writing 201 but time was against me. I’m hoping to get more organization. 🙂


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