The Child Inside


What do you think? Is it true?

I’m shy, reserved and at times, uptight. My inner child rarely comes out to play. She actually only shows up with a very small handful of people and she is so unlike me- so different than I was as a child. Growing up I was….. well, shy, reserved and uptight. Honest.

My friend, Diane, told me I needed to start having a drink or two at family functions- just to take the edge off. I don’t drink with- in-laws, family, co-workers…… around my kids. I really don’t drink much at all. There’s a reason. It doesn’t take the edge off. I live in fear of really letting go and telling everyone exactly what I think. I actually do that enough without the aid of alcohol so I think it’s a good idea to keep the lid on that one. I prefer to be a bit stressed and on edge. It’s safer for everyone involved.

That inner child- I have to tell you- she’s something else. She’s a risk taker. Although nervous, she’s willing to try new things. Luckily, the old everyday me is always lurking in the background to keep control of the situation so she never really gets into trouble. She’s been known to dance- not in public but in the presence of the friend who brings that swaying to the music, move your hips kind of feeling out. She’s not as self-conscious. She relaxes in a way few people ever see. (And she can be pretty outspoken, too.)


My friend, Rob of the “first love Rob” fame (and who would be hurt that he did not make the pantheon of friends- Thanks, ‘Rissa- love it better than hat trick) was the first person to bring out my inner child. Granted I was little more than a child at the time, but he did bring out that side of me. He was surprised when I told him that not everyone who knows me sees that side and he suggested that maybe I should let people see it. At the time I said that I thought it might be a bit too much for everyone. I don’t think they would like her at all. Besides, I wouldn’t feel comfortable. That inner child is INSIDE for a reason. It’s nice for her to come out and play but if things could easily get out of control if she was hanging out all the time.

Nope. I choose to go with my gut. She appears when she feels most comfortable and it’s going to stay that way.

Do you have an inner child? What does she/he like to do that’s different than the everyday adult you? I’d like to hear from you!


8 thoughts on “The Child Inside

  1. There’s something so freeing to allow that inner child out. I’ve been around adults who are somewhat appalled at how free I am with my childlike love and spontaneity. Hope they get over it. I am purposeful about not being out of line or “immature” in the bratty way, but it’s lovely helping others just ENJOY the moment. That’s what it’s all about for me. Little children don’t know better (toddler age) and live life to the fullest. I hope you can allow yourself to do this more often. It’s glorious!!!!


    1. I can honestly say that despite my reservations at showing that inner child much, I thoroughly enjoy when someone else lets their inner child out. 🙂 My BFF is one of those people. She’s always showing me her latest toy or doing something silly and then she says, “I know-I’m 12, right.”

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  2. We have such a similar attitude towards alcohol! Too funny. I am very much myself in my classroom in front of my students and at home with my daughters. I’m very playful there and funny. With adults, I am much more reserved. Like you, I prefer to keep it that way. I am just not trusting enough to let my hair down around most people. Great post! 🙂


  3. Do I have an inner child…Girl…I am a child period!! LOL!! Inner, outer, upper, downer…Childe Charissa!

    But I am aiming to “grow down” and not grow up…wanting always to be child-like, and never child-ish, which when THAT girl gets in charge sends off a round of pouty sulky boohoo pity parties! giggles

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  4. I will act like a kid around kids, period. I am very aloof and unorthodox. Young boys find me awesome and see me as a big kid (because I am that short), whom they can play with. (Somehow I get along much easier with young boys and tomboys than androgynous and girly girls!)

    Adults call me “aloof”, “whimsical”, “immature”…till they see the highly knowledgeable, completely air-headed, intellectual part of this young man. My looks and mannerisms make people estimate my age as 18-20, and are blown away when I tell them to “try closer to thirty”. If you’re into horoscopes, you can blame it on my Mars sign (which directs your actions and mojo) being in Aquarius. Or because I refuse to box myself into what society dictates I should behave like.


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