You Guys* Are the BEST!


It’s official- I reached 100 followers and I couldn’t be more excited!





I’m that writer who is terrified to show her writing to anyone. I’m still not ready for people close to me to read it. I remember my excitement when I was notified that I had 1 follower. I was also scared to death. Now I had someone that could be reading my posts. That raised the bar for me. I guess I went into this hoping someone would follow me and assuming no one would.

thankyouThat being said, I want to THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart! Maybe my expectations for myself were really low. Maybe I didn’t think this through. Or maybe I was just that unfamiliar with the blogging world. I was unprepared for interacting with followers. This has been my greatest challenge and honestly, my biggest reward. I have met amazing people from all walks of life. Some of you are so much like me. Some are so very different. And I’ve been blessed to connect on a much closer level with a few special people.

I truly appreciate every single- “Like”, :), kind word, encouragement, ongoing dialogue, reblog, and follow. If you have read a post and took the time to read it through to the end, you are the reason I keep writing! Thank you so very much!!!

*Just to clarify- Guys translates to “everyone” and no specific gender. I can’t seem to shake my mid-west upbringing and although I’ve tried many variations to replace this phrase—— the only words that sound right to me are “You guys.” Picture, if you will, my group of 7 year old Brownies some 14 years ago when I addressed them as “You guys”. One said, “But we’re girls.” I just shook my head and said, “Doesn’t matter. To me, you guys are you guys.”