2018 A to Z Challenge · Family

Y is for Yellow Hat #AtoZChallenge

yellow hatWhen I walk into the kitchen and see the yellow hat along with sunglasses hanging off his chair, I know that Andrew is home. Since he attends a school nine hours away, this doesn’t happen nearly enough. I was lucky enough to have my youngest child home for the weekend recently and I got to spend one on one time with him- even rarer in these days filled with little boys. Since both little boys demand a lot of our time and energy, it was nice to talk to Andy about that. There was a time when he required all of my attention and we talked about how different kids are at each age. Although he doesn’t remember it, when he was young, he wanted to be with only me. His attachment was so strong that no one else tried to get close. To this day although he is geographically the farthest from me, he’s the one that tugs at that invisible umbilical cord. I always feel his presence even though he is often quiet and in the background in a room full of people (just like his mom!). He is wildly talented, funny and thoughtful. He is precious to me. He always wears a yellow hat. And my heart will always give a skip when I see that yellow hat hanging on his chair.


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