Gender Revolution on National Geographic Channel

Recently National Geographic devoted an entire special issue to the topic of GENDER. Yes, it turns out there’s more to gender than meets the eye. NG takes an in-depth look at all things gender, examining it from all angles.

There are two covers- but the inside content is the same in both. I purchased both copies with plans on passing one on and keeping one to share when I need. I’m keeping the Avery copy (right) because Avery and her amazing mother, Debi Jackson, are superheroes in the parents of transgender kids circle. Debi founded Trans-Parenting, an excellent resource for support and information.


In addition to the special edition issue, National Geographic is airing a 2 hour special on February 6th on the National Geographic Channel. You should check local listings for the times. I have heard from sources who took part in this project that the finished product is top-notch.

I recommend that you tune in if-

  • you are raising a gender variant child
  • you know a transgender person
  • you are educated on gender
  • you are uneducated on gender
  • you are curious about gender
  • you think you have a good understanding of what it means to be transgender or if you don’t.

So, in case you haven’t figured it out, I think everyone needs to see this and I hope that if you have the opportunity to watch it, that you do.

Here is the extended trailer from: “Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric”-

This is an exciting step forward. When I began this journey with my child, resources were scarce. I hope that as more people read and watch and learn, more will grow to be more accepting and supportive.

Hope you had a good one!


7 thoughts on “Gender Revolution on National Geographic Channel

  1. I, too, appreciate the heads’ up and have set my recording as well. Look forward to watching. Shared the FYI with a loving family member who might be expected to record it as well. Much appreciated.

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  2. Thanks for highlighting this and supplying the trailer. I just sent an email to family members with the link to the trailer asking them to at least record it to watch later. I’m looking forward to seeing it and hope that they will watch it, but doubtful. Nevertheless, I had to try.

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    • Because of Kris, so much of my life is entrenched in this. My Facebook feed is filled with posts about LGBT rights, parenting LGBT kids, and everything one could think of- and I forget that everyone I know has not seen the trailer a gazillion times or even know that HG has an issue dedicated to gender.

      Best of luck, Shawn! Here’s hoping that at least one family member makes the effort to watch.

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