Gizmos and Gadgets A-Plenty

Gizmos and Gadgets A-Plenty

Last weekend, we were feeling adventurous- some of us more than others- and we headed off to find some bargains. When my husband followed the hand painted signs leading us to a “Junk Sale” you can imagine how hesitant I was. As we pulled up to this  lot, “Junk Yard” scrawled on the scrap of wood that was nailed to the post by the opening in the fence, I was weighing my options. Sitting in the car, with air-conditioning running, some Beatles playing in the background while I played Word Bubbles on my phone was sounding like a great plan to me! But he was taking two of our children in with him and I felt guilty about letting him lead them off to their certain demise.

There was an odd assortment of people sitting around an umbrella covered patio table looking like they belonged in someone’s backyard sipping iced tea and enjoying some fresh watermelon, none acknowledging us as we walked past.

EnteringI dubiously held up the rear as my husband eagerly wandered down the narrow path that ran along side the rusted building.

Rather quickly I lost sight of my family. I kept an ear open for any screams or groans….and picked my way carefully around the building, past hollowed out appliances, bikes in various states of disrepair and a few other incredible finds!

Treasures as far as the eye can see!
Treasures as far as the eye can see!

I made my way into the structure that could loosely be defined as a building. It was difficult to find a discernible path at times and all I could do was stare into the distance at the piles, trying to distinguish the scene in front of me.


Check out the sign on the leftI followed my husband upstairs, keeping my misgivings in check. The temperature skyrocketed to what had to be no less than 100 degrees F and the air was stifling. There were no lights so we had to use the flashlights on our phones. It was only when I was maybe 15 feet in that I looked down to see the spaces in between the wood that was nailed to the beams constituting the floor. I could see glimpses of the lower level beneath my feet and I panicked. I was convinced that each step was my last and I was prepared to find myself crashing through the floor.Important notice

I breathed a sigh of relief (and partially ‘fresh’ and at least cooler air) when I found myself on the firm ground of the main level by way of the stairs. Lower levelMy relief grew by leaps and bounds when I spotted my boys -alive and well- off in the distance, flipping through record albums. Andrew is an avid collector.

Bargain of the day!The visit was considered a success by most and I can’t complain. We found a light for my bathroom and it was a steal at $3!

Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing a few of the finds we passed up in my next post- also doubling as my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge!



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