Is it Me?

I apologize for this short rant ahead of time. I also apologize for appearing to be anti-social BUT I am not able to “like” some posts or comment! Is it me? Is it WP? Is anyone else having problems?

Here’s what happens- I get to the bottom of the post, try to click on “like” and it won’t let me. I try to comment and it claims I need to sign in but I’m already signed in. I am jumped to another window that I have open- sometimes it’s Facebook, Picmonkey…whatever.

Is it my computer? (I know- how would you know?lol) I’m just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing anything like this?


9 thoughts on “Is it Me?

  1. I have this happen on my phone. I can usually like (after I sign in again) but if I reply the message just disappears. My biggest problem is having my blog post disappear when I save it. I get sent to a screen saying “Are you sure you want to do this?” and by then it’s too late. I’ve gotten to the point where I copy my post before saving just in case WordPress eats it again.

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  2. I have the same problem a lot. I am only on desktop PC and just did a ‘rant’ on my blog about this the other day. Frustrating, when you type in a comment and it won’t go through! UGH!


    1. Thank goodness! (I’m sorry that you’re having the same problem) but it’s not me doing something wrong. Phew!!! Now to figure out WHY!


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