M is for Making Memories #AtoZChallenge

We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun” 

winnie the pooh/ A.A. milne

And aren’t those the best of all memories?

A to Z Challenge- M

A short note about the letter L day. There is a post but I have decided not to publish it. Have you ever written something and even though it seemed to flow and you were all in, when you sat with it, you just could not publish it? This is what happened with L, which stopped me in my tracks. I was already behind in the challenge and then this flipping post made me pause. I’ve given myself a kick in the butt and I’m ready to move on past the L post.

Have a great day!


D is for Down #AtoZChallenge

A friend is someone who helps you up when you’re down, and if they can’t, they lay down beside you and listen.

Winnie the pooh/ a.a. milne

I have been blessed with the best of best friends. We have been through it all together and we are still going strong. No topic is off the table. Family, health, work, life….even intimate (gasp!) matters. I will drop everything to be by their sides or at the very minimum be on the phone when they need me and they have returned the favor.

Friend is a word that seems to be tossed about pretty casually these days and I’ll admit I am guilty of doing the same. There are different “levels” of friends- not that I’m ranking people. I’ve found that I have acquaintances whom with I’m friendly. It’s pleasant to see them from time to time and catch up on life. There are common bond friends, such as Mom friends or work friends- the ones you are in the trenches with, sharing your stories, getting and giving advice, commiserating. I love spending time with childhood friends. There’s nothing like chatting with someone who knew you when you were a gawky shy seven-year-old!

But nothing beats those best friends. They’ve been there for me for what feels like forever. They have been patient with me throughout my ongoing pandemic anxiety, my worrying about my kids time, my ranting over an unfair court system, and every high or low I share with them. I hope I’m returning the favor to them. Goodness knows I’m trying!

A to Z Challenge: D

Peace and friendship,