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Transgender Day of Visibility


Today is Transgender Day of Visibility. It is a day to celebrate the successes of the transgender community and bring awareness to what is still needed to be done.

This year finds me in a strange place. Six years ago, I thought I had a daughter. Two years ago, the last time I wrote about this day, I thought I had a son. This year, I know that I have a non-binary child. Regardless of my child’s gender identity or pronoun preference, one thing remains the same. Kris is part of a population that is invisible.

Transgender and gender non-conforming people are an important part of our society, culture, history and future. They not only deserve the same basic rights that we all deserve, but also the recognition and celebration that we all enjoy.

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I appreciate that there is a day to bring recognition to the transgender community. I understand that the more visible they are, the more acceptance and support will grow. I continue to hope that the day will come when transgender and gender non-conforming- as well as cis-gender- people will be able to live naturally and openly without the constraints of a gender binary or societal expectations.

Until that day, I will advocate and I invite you to do so as well.


Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender Day of Visibility

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility. It is a day to show support for the transgender community. It is a time to help fight transphobia by sharing information.

visibility infographicimage credit- Trans Student Educational Resources

My son, Kris, is transgender. I have never considered myself to be an activist so it came as a shock to me when he told me that I am. If that’s true, it’s because of him. I do it for him.  When I got pregnant and carried my little changeling for 9-1/2 (YES- I said 9-1/2) months, I didn’t place conditions on whether or not I would keep him when he was born. Being a parent challenges you and stretches you to grow in ways you never thought possible. Even in the darkest times it never crossed my mind to walk away. That’s not what parents do. Parents fight to give their kids a chance.

On this day of visibility, as is the case for every other day, all I want is for Kris to have the same rights as everyone else. All Kris wants is the right to live in a world where a day of visibility is not needed. He wants to be just Kris, a guy who has a girlfriend and goes to college…..

Until that day comes, we need to spread awareness. We need to share the good things. And I came across this fairly new event- it’s called the Trans 100- 2015 Trans 100 Honors Positive Work By Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People Nationwide– and it’s an event that recognizes transgender people who are out and doing positive things in the areas of transgender political and social rights.

Here’s an article on 10 Things You Can Do For Transgender Day of Visibility if you would like to do something.

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