The Great Book of Lists: Chapter 5.3- So Far So Good

Today’s Chapter Prompt-

“We’re heading towards midyear and I though it would be interesting to take a look at what has changed in our life , what has evolved, what is still going on and strong  since the beginning of the year and the launch of TGBOL.”

  • Exchanging two college kids for a grown son with his wife and two small children is an experience.
  • When those college kids come home to a full house, it gets even fuller and louder….and more cluttered and messy.
  • Babies who grow into toddlers over the months come with a lot of STUFF!
  • Six year olds have a lot of energy. A LOT of energy.
  • Silence is golden. And I mean that on so many different levels…..
  • Once a mom, always a mom. Carving out “me” time is crucial…and something I have failed at miserably.
  • Every second spent with the little guys is precious.
  • This too shall pass.


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