My 10 Favorite Reality Shows

1. Survivor- I can still remember the first time I heard about this show. A reality show where people are living on an island with no food or shelter-and they had to eat bugs. That’s all I knew. Of course, I had to watch it for myself and see what everyone was talking about. Luckily the bug eating was a competition that happens once a season, at most. I confess- I was hooked from the very beginning and I’ve seen every season¬†since. I love the host, Jeff Probst. I have my all time favorite Survivor- Boston Rob. I love the alliances and blindsides. ūüôā

2. Big Brother- This show just takes the cake. There are times that I’m convinced that they screen applicants for the most unhinged people they can find. Then again, you have to be slightly off to agree to being shut up in a house with a group of strangers and little to no privacy for months on end. My sister and I maintain that if our husbands were in the BB house, they would be nominated and voted out within the first 24 hours- before there was even a nomination ceremony! My 19 year old began watching BB a few years ago and we enjoy finding out all the behind the scenes drama and analyzing the contestants’ strategies and motives. And hey, where else do you learn neat new phrases like “Cool beans” and “Fruit Loop Dingus”.

3. The Mole- This was a short-lived show that was hosted by Andersen Cooper in the beginning. There were both ‘regular’ and celebrity seasons. This show was awesome! One of the people playing was actually the Mole and it was the contestants’ goal to figure out who the mole was based on how everyone acted during tasks. There would be people who would act suspicious just to throw the others off. It was a fun show to watch, trying to figure out who was the mole,¬†and I really missed it when it was gone.

4. The Amazing Race- The Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows. Teams of two race around the world following clues and finishing tasks. The last team to arrive at each pit stop is eliminated from the game. I thoroughly enjoy every season. They have traveled to some absolutely amazing places. Any task involving an animal is sure to be entertaining. One of my favorite quotes is the player who exclaimed, “My ox is broken!”¬† This is another show we watch with Andrew. Andy and I determined that while we would make a good team, if we were to ever do the show (which we never will), there are certain tasks that we really aren’t good at- like locating a car in a parking lot. We demonstrated this after a concert at the school one evening. We walked up and down that aisle, clicking the remote, looking for the lights on the car, while the car was behind us, flashing lights with every click.

5. American Idol- I began watching with Season 9- and I felt like Crystal Bowersox should have won. I just “knew” from the beginning that she was the winner and she was robbed! Apparently I have an okay ear. The next years found me easily predicting the winners at their audition- Scotty McCreery,¬†Phillip Phillps, Candice Glover. And then last year, I predicted Alex Preston. He came in 3rd. I was disappointed. I’m excited for the new season so I can look out for my next winner!

6. Toddlers and Tiaras- I’m fascinated by the entire pageant world. I would never put my child into it- Kris asked if he had wanted to do it, would I have let him? I told him he would never have listened to anyone long enough to compete. (He was that little girl who stands there holding her dress up over her head, showing off her panties, while everyone laughs.) I find it interesting to see how the parents interact with their children- which ones are doing it to fulfil some unrealized childhood dream and which ones are doing it because their children really like it. I’m not thrilled with the message pageants send- that in order to win you need to be the prettiest. But I watch all the same. I love kids and there are a few that remind me of a little girl I used to know.

7. Jersey Shore- Now, don’t judge me too harshly here. I’m half-Italian and in my defense, when I used to watch Jersey Shore, and they showed them all at home with their families, it would remind me of my father’s family growing up. That’s what sucked me in. I cannot explain why I kept watching.

8. Real World/Road Rules-¬†I began watching the first time Real World was in Chicago. ¬†That’s why I watched. (I have long since stopped watching.) ¬†I actually preferred Road Rules because on that show, at least they had tasks to complete. My favorite was when they did the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. It was much more interesting to¬†watch them compete than get drunk and hook up.

9. Dance Moms- Here we have a dance studio with your stereotypical moms. I’m pretty sure you’ve run into them if your kids are involved in any sort of organized activity. But they are worse. They sit in this little room overlooking their kids’ dance lessons. They fight with each other. They fight with the owner of the studio. They fight with their kids. I have sat watching this show wondering how it is even on……and still I watch and wonder….

10. The Celebrity Apprentice- Although I believe the term “celebrity” is used loosely, you’ve got celebrities raising money for their favorite charities while competing for the big prize, which is more money for their charity. I’ll admit that I like the idea that these charities are bringing in big money. Some of the charities are smaller, lesser known ones. You can tell which celebrities have a close attachment to their charity. It is entertaining to see these people trying to function in the business world since most of them are actors, singers and athletes. My husband and I like to watch this and predict which team is going to win each task. It’s all for charity and that works in my book. The clip I included is an exchange with Dennis Rodman, a former Chicago Bulls player. It’s not representative of the show but I just really like this guy. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play with the Bulls and he’s really fun to watch off the court.

(So, there you have it. Kat’s little quirks revealed.)

What is your favorite reality show?



Kat Got Your Tongue- Reality T.V.


So, let’s hear it! Reality T.V. Love it? Hate it? Love to hate it? Is it something you do but don’t ever admit to in the light of day? Or are you a full-blown addict? What are your thoughts on reality t.v.? I would love to hear what you think!

I have a few thoughts about this topic that I will be sharing a little later today. Here are My 10 Favorite Reality Shows. You don’t have to list 10 but what are some of your favorite reality shows?




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