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Summer will end soon enough, and childhood will as well.”

george r. r. martin

When my kids were younger, this was the time of summer when it felt like we were hitting our summer stride. We always took our family vacation in June, the week after school let out. That left the rest of June through to the third week of August for swim lessons and summer fun.

I guess I should mention I’m not an outside water lover when it comes to hot sunny days. I’m paler than a white sheet and I burn way too easily. Placing me in a body of water with the sun’s reflection added in is a disaster for me. Mix in wearing glasses or even contacts and water really is not my friend. For years I couldn’t see without my glasses and I even managed to have contact issues.

I spent years sitting beside pools in various locations while my kids took swim lessons. Not being a strong swimmer myself, I was determined to give my kids the confidence in water that I lacked. My friends and I would sign our kids up for the same time slots so we could enjoy some “free” time together outside of park playdates. Over the years this progressed to day at the local water park with us moms sitting in the shallow end of the pool to keep cool while our kids spent hours splashing each other and climbing the ladder to stand in line forever before they could fly down the water slide. Being old enough to do this alone gave the moms freedom. I like to think we earned it!

And wouldn’t you know- those swim lessons paid off. My middle child, who couldn’t dive, joined the swim team in high school and was swimming varsity before junior year. They were team captain senior year. I had four more years of being poolside but this time cheering on the team with different mom friends.

My oldest son who works in EMS earned water rescue certification. In all honesty I try not to think about what this means. I watched one of his training sessions and it was sobering to envision him in a rescue mission underwater.

These days are spent more often than not with Beej and the pups running around the yard, through the small pool and him standing in the middle of the splash pad trying to encourage the dogs to join him.

I hate to break it to him but they seem to have more fun on their own.

Summer fun

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Please excuse my incredibly clunky writing. I’m rustier than I realized!

Happy Summer Day (if it’s summer in your neighborhood)!



A Few Myriads

I absolutely love these flowers- coneflowers or echinacea- not sure of the exact color but the brighter the better! I’m hoping to grow them this year. I’m not sure how my husband feels about them but he had best be thrilled with them because I want A LOT of them! Yup, a myriad of them!

How many elves are too many? At the time that I took this photo, I felt like that was way too many elves. (And I’m actually fond of elves.) No worries. Within a week or so there were a lot fewer. And just for clarification purposes- this photo was taken in late summer!!

Nothing like beautiful glassware sparkling in the sunlight. Except when you’re me and it’s a room FULL of glassware! When I come upon this room in my favorite resale shop, I go no further than a foot inside the doorway before backing out carefully.

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Hope your day is full of sunshine!


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A Ramble in the Woods

“There are two kinds of adventurers: those who go truly hoping to find adventure and those who go secretly hoping they won’t.” ~Rabindranath Tagore

As we headed out for a leisurely ramble through the woods, we should have known that it would be anything other than leisurely. Our six year old trail guide/self-appointed group leader made sure of that. While we were hoping for a pleasant stroll through the woods, our fearless leader was certain adventure would be found around the next curve in the trail.

He resisted taking the well-worn paths and gave a good fight for why we should wander straight into the woods with no regard for where we were. How were we going to find adventure if we walked along the boring old path? He trudged steadily up the trail, pausing only to make sure I was close behind. He would call out, “Be sure to keep up! You don’t want to be left behind!” When I asked if it wasn’t important to keep his group together he simply replied that I was the most important person in the group and as long as he knew where I was, all was good with him. I turned to the others and said, “Looks like you’re on your own.”

We all gave an inward sigh of relief after a close inspection of the muddy mosquito-ridden swamp/creek looked like to risky an endeavor to tackle. We had a slightly disappointed trail guide on our hands but he perked up as he noted that our path was leading us up a steep incline. 90 degrees. 10000000% humidity. No water. If I didn’t know any better I would think that the six year old had planned this entire outing.

At long last we found ourselves walking/jogging down the hill and into a shadier and maybe slightly cooler place as we headed back to our car.

Our little leader had other plans as his eyes traveled past the car and at other possible trails to follow. Outnumbered and lured by the promise of a nice refreshing treat upon our return home, he relented……this time. He would find his adventure next time.

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Our Pinterest Fail

Isn’t Pinterest great? So many cool ideas! Decorating tips! Delicious recipes! Crafts, games, and all sorts of goodies to make and buy.

Imagine how excited I was when I came across a pin that promised to fill my house with the citrusy scent of lemon after growing a lemon plant from a seed indoors. It was the perfect little activity to interest a then five year old boy, who loved trying new things. Besides, how hard could it be? We had grown more than one of those little pots with the grass in it with impressive results.

We carefully filled our pot with soil, made sure there were holes in the bottom for proper draining, dropped in six seeds and covered them with more dirt. Added water and waited….. At long last three tiny sprouts appeared and we watched and watered and hoped.

One year later-

Okay, maybe this project required more attention than we realized. Maybe this was just a case of my cursed black thumb at play. Regardless, we did not have a lush lemony smell wafting through our house. And it was fun to dream about that possibility for a little while.

This little experiment has been logged in our Pinterest fail column. On to the next project!

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Happy Pinning!