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Pumpkin Time!

Tomorrow is the big day- the day a lot of people spend all month waiting and planning for…… but not me. I do like the cheery orange of pumpkins though, so I will still be sharing photos for two challenges-

beej and pumpkin
Last year, little Beej was mesmerized by the flickering candle inside the jack-o-lantern. 
jack o lantern
CJ’s first (nearly) solo carving
pumpkin farm
October is not October without a trip to the pumpkin farm.
bumpy pumpkins
Bumpy pumpkin or orange vegetable of some Autumny sort? 

Sunday Stills- Orange

Photo A Day- Pumpkins

Have a great day!


K is for…

pumpkin stalk
Pumpkin Stalk
pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin Seeds

This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter K allows us to use any word with K in it- and how could I pass up the chance to use these photos on Halloween?

cee's fun foto badge

Happy Trick or Treating!


One Word Photo Challenge- Saffron

One Word Photo Challenge- Saffron

This is my first offering to this challenge and I picked a tough week to begin! I’m hoping this is saffron! 🙂 I took this pictures a few months ago when some critter decided to snack on our pumpkins. In case you didn’t know how much of that pumpkin goop is inside one medium sized pumpkin? It’s a lot!!

This post is in response to One Word Photo Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells.