Our Pinterest Fail

Isn’t Pinterest great? So many cool ideas! Decorating tips! Delicious recipes! Crafts, games, and all sorts of goodies to make and buy.

Imagine how excited I was when I came across a pin that promised to fill my house with the citrusy scent of lemon after growing a lemon plant from a seed indoors. It was the perfect little activity to interest a then five year old boy, who loved trying new things. Besides, how hard could it be? We had grown more than one of those little pots with the grass in it with impressive results.

We carefully filled our pot with soil, made sure there were holes in the bottom for proper draining, dropped in six seeds and covered them with more dirt. Added water and waited….. At long last three tiny sprouts appeared and we watched and watered and hoped.

One year later-

Okay, maybe this project required more attention than we realized. Maybe this was just a case of my cursed black thumb at play. Regardless, we did not have a lush lemony smell wafting through our house. And it was fun to dream about that possibility for a little while.

This little experiment has been logged in our Pinterest fail column. On to the next project!

This post is in response to Ragtag Daily Prompt- Seed.

Happy Pinning!


Calling All Friends

I’m looking for friends. I know, it sounds a little strange and pathetic, doesn’t it?

I write under a pen name. My reasons aren’t anything exciting and if you also write under a pen name, you probably share at least one of them.

  • I am incredibly shy- in real life and here, in our blogging universe- it’s just who I am.
  • Although I have never faced a harsh word here, I’m still timid when it comes to sharing my writing.
  • If I was to write under the name I was given, I suspect that I would face criticism from some and to be honest here, I just don’t want to hear it.
  • My children have lives of their own and I want to respect their privacy.
  • One of those children is transgender and in what could easily become a changing climate, I am protecting their identity.

Why am I looking for friends now?

When I began writing this blog, I intended to fill out my profile more and create a presence on social media that is separate from my day to day life. I created accounts all over and became overwhelmed quickly. Anyone who is connected to me through them can attest to this.  Looking back, I realize that I took on too much all at once.

I want to be able to support and advocate for my child and the LGBT community. I really am a fierce mama bear. Displaying that fierceness in my day to day life will hurt my ability to help the very people I am championing. I would like to achieve a balance between expressing myself authentically (here) and doing the important behind the scenes work needed to help trans kids locally (at school).

So, I am looking to build up my tribe! If you would like to connect socially, I’m including my info below. And I am more than willing to return the favor! Since I can’t be two places as once, these will be my primary social medias with the personal ones being used for the cute little kid pics and the things people expect to hear from me in my everyday life.

If not, I understand. We live in a world where there is SO much social media and interaction that sometimes you need to draw the line.

Facebook- My profile name is Kat Carpita or you can send me a message on my Facebook page- Dandelion Fuzz (on the right sidebar)

Twitter- @katcarpita or you can find my Twitter feed here on the right sidebar

Pinterest- Kat Carpita

And a few final words-

Thank you for being here and reading my posts! Your support has given me the courage and confidence to keep writing!

Have a glorious day! I hope you are enjoying amazing weather like we are here in the Midwest!





The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest is pretty amazing.

In case you don’t know what Pinterest is, here is the description from the website-

“A content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.”

So, it’s a virtual bulletin board….or lots of virtual bulletin boards. The nice thing is they take up less space this way!

There are people who can’t stand it, some who don’t understand it, those who think it is a waste of time. And then there are the rest of us- the ones who LOVE it! Can it be a time-suck? Yes. There, I got that out of the way. Let’s move on to my point. 🙂

Pinterest can be used in many different ways. You can collect recipes or diy projects. It’s where I found instructions for the blanket I recently made little Beej. You can find numerous tips on everything you ever wanted to know. Want to show how much you love Ian Somerhalder and pin a million hot pictures of him on a board (and who doesn’t???), here’s your place. Maybe you just want to build a virtual dream house….

Seriously, the possibilities are endless. But that’s not why I’m shouting about Pinterest today. Putting all that other fun stuff aside, I use Pinterest for inspiration, warm fuzzies, smiles, mood lifters and chuckles.

I am a collector of quotes. I have been copying things down, cutting things out, pinning REAL LIVE papers to the board for as long as I can remember. I find that those inspirational quotes really can make a difference. Words are powerful. The process of sorting through the quotes and looking for just the right ones can be comforting when I’m feeling a bit frazzled. There’s a lot to be said for the power of all those positive words and images filling your senses.

And to be completely honest, there are times when the mindlessness of browsing through random categories is just the break I need to take my mind off stressful things.  Sometimes it’s the little things in life that get us through. 🙂

I have included a link below… or maybe it’s an actual image (depending on some unknown variable that causes it to sometimes show up as a link and other times as images) of my Inspiration board. It’s the one I visit most frequently.

If you are on Pinterest, I welcome all followers and I’m always looking for new friends to follow in return. If you are not on PInterest but would like to take a look, be my guest and poke around my boards. https://www.pinterest.com/KatCarpita/

This post is my contribution to Ronovan’s Be Wonderful on Wednesday Network.


Hashtags Scare Me

When I began my blog, I wasn’t even thinking about social media. I had personal Facebook and Twitter (yes, my Twitter-phobia out dates my blogging experience, Hugh!) accounts. While I keep close touch of my Facebook, Twitter is often neglected for months on end. The topic of using social media along with blogging presented me with a problem that is not unique to just me.

-How to use social media when you’re using a pen name……

FACEBOOK-Dandelion Fuzz

Originally I created a new account with my name- Kat Carpita… The only glitch. I didn’t have any friends that I could “friend” without giving away my name. One of my reasons for using a pen name was to protect Kris’s identity. Pretty quickly I felt like I had split personalities. I didn’t want to make up information because I’m me whether I’m using this name or that.  I was stumped. It’s kind of hard to say, “Hey, wanna be my friend? By the way, this isn’t my real name….. (I’m still stumped….and friendless.) Maybe there’s a special facebook group I can join for writers using pen names who want to make friends….. Anyone know of one?

So I set that aside and created a Facebook Page for Dandelion Fuzz. That has gone pretty slow because I can’t really promote the page on my personal Facebook- same problem…… Am I the only one who has a problem with this? Maybe that’s another group that I need….


I LOVE Pinterest!! Absolutely love it. And since I love it, I figured I might as well create an account under my name. I’m sure it’s another avenue to get my blog out there. I just haven’t set aside the time to figure out how to do it. So until then, my Pinterest boards mostly have to do with writing, quotes, prompts and things along that line. My blog posts have not made it into the Pinterest world yet…. Is anyone using Pinterest? And if so, how do you use it in a blogging/writing capacity? I have no problem managing Pinterest on a personal level. I can spend hours pinning away.

dum de dum dum

TWITTER @katcarpita@katcarpita

I have a confession to make. Hashtags scare me. They scare me to the extent that I’m not even sure if they are one or two words. I thought they were one word but I see I have a zig zaggy red line under “hashtags” which tells me I’ve spelled it wrong?  So I really need to get a handle on the #’s. And yes, I don’t understand Twitter and I openly admit that I’ve spent more time complaining that I don’t get it than actually trying to get it.

For such a quiet person, I find myself exceeding the word limit most of the time and spending way too much time trying to re-word what I have to say. I seem to go in stops and starts. I know, I know. I can see you all shaking your heads, thinking, come on, Kat, it’s not that hard. You’ll have to trust me when I say it’s frustrating for me because I know I should understand it. 🙂 It’s causing me to have flashbacks to my high school data processing class that I nearly failed. (The ONLY class that I got a D in.)

My first step is going to be to go back to the beginning and read up on Twitter as if I had never seen it before. Then I’ll head back to my badly neglected Twitter account and try my hand at tweeting and hashtagging and interacting with the Twitting…..Tweeting world. (I will try not to drive Hugh crazy with a million questions, too!)

I’m going to take another look at Hugh’s – An Insider’s Guide to Planet Blog and More Blogging Tips From The Insider On Planet Blog . While I’m revisiting helpful blog posts, I’m also going to head over to Ronovan’s place to check out the archives in his Twitter Category. If you have Twitter issues, like I do, or are just looking for some good solid blogging tips, check these guys out!


Kat Got Your Tongue- Let’s Get Social!


Welcome to this week’s Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge!

I want to hear your thoughts on social media. It can be in relation to your blog- what social media do you use? or don’t use? What have you found to be successful? Or what really did NOT work?

Do you love it? Hate it? Tolerate it?

Do you have any tips to share?

Do you keep your blog’s social media separate from your private accounts?

Want to share links? Feel free to share them either in a pingback or in the comments section.

I will share them in next week’s prompt.


Each Monday a prompt will be posted in the form of a word, phrase, photo, song, poem…

Share your thoughts in your own post in any form you like over the next week. You can write a poem, rant, share a picture…..

Create a pingback- (linking your post to the challenge post) or post in the comment section.

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If you would like, you are welcome to use the “Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge” badge in your post.

This is a “just for fun” challenge- everyone is a winner here! I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Have fun!