Photo Blogging Challenge- Two!

March’s Photo Blogging Challenge Theme is TWO.

Tigger and Eyeore

Baby Beej’s favorite friends. Tigger and Eyeore are stuck between the couch cushions so Beej can talk to them and beat them up while he lays there getting changed

a pairI found this pair of cuties in an antique shop. They are a coffee and creamer set and I just love them, freckles and all. Unfortunately they were a bit pricey so I had to take a pass.

two furry pals

Ari loves taking a walk with a friend.

typewriter key

A “2” typewriter key

salt and pepper shakersAnd on another antiquing trip, I came across a shelf full of salt and pepper shakers. That’s a lot of “two’s” and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of all those pairs.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

February’s Photo Blogging Challenge theme is Winter.

These are photos I’ve taken over the course of the past month. While we have been lucky here in Chicago, the cold temperatures have overshadowed any snow we received. Although I like the beauty and peaceful look of freshly fallen snow, I’m not fond of layering, warming up the car, limiting my dog’s outside time,  dry skin, and the dirty mess that lingers long after that first snow fall. Spring can’t come fast enough for me!

This post is part of the Photo Blogging Challenge: Winter.

Forgotten Games

Near our house is an abandoned basketball court. One of the hoops has fallen down, the other is slowly being overtaken by an overgrown bush/weed-like plant. It is rundown, with weeds spreading through the cracked surface of basketball court. Since it has always been on private property, I often wonder how much use it got, back in the day. Were neighborhood children welcome to come play pick up games? Did the family have a child who loved basketball, spending hours out on the court, perfecting dribbling and shooting skills? Or was it just some novelty- nice to have but more for show than actual enjoyment?

Whenever I looked at it, I always felt such a sad feeling of long-forgotten games. And then my 5 year old grandson spotted it. His shout of joy could be heard all around. He ran as fast as his legs could take him, pushing his way through the overgrown weeds to stare up in wonder at the basketball hoop, so far above him. Before his daddy could even reach him, he was back on his way up to the house, his voice reaching us long before he made it to the door. “We need to get a basketball!”

Through his eyes, I no longer saw something old and useless. Feelings of hope and anticipation replaced the sadness. Even if there never was a child out on that court working on controlling the ball and scoring those points, I suspect that when little CJ comes to visit, that will all change.

This post is in response to the Photo Blogging Challenge prompt- Games.