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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pairs

I found new subjects for this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pairs:

salt pepper and friends
Three Pairs! 
lady and the tramp
Oddly enough, this cute pair is always found cuddling together wherever they end up in the house!
woody and rc
Woody and RC- just goofing around!

cee's fun foto badge

Have a great day!





Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 5 – Pair

When I took this picture back in March, I didn’t have a specific use for it. I thought I would use it in a post about my middle child, Kris, and I might still do that. But until that time, it fits the bill for this week’s –Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 5 – Pair.

Kris shoes

Just about 4 years ago our middle child changed his name to Christopher. A few months later he had modified the spelling to Kristoffer. I was not thrilled with the spelling change at the time and when he asked if he could create his own pair of Converse shoes for his 19th birthday, I was hesitant to agree to his name being part of the final design. My worry about people seeing and knowing his name subsided as I realized that most of the time you couldn’t even see it. The spelling grew on me. I do see Kris more as a Kristoffer than a Christopher. And I have to admit that it was money well spent because those shoes have gone everywhere with him and he was worn them year round for the past 3 years.

Thank you to Hugh for hosting his weekly photo challenge. If you would like to check out other entries and/or join in the fun, head over to Hugh’s blog- Hugh’s Views & News to get the details.