Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 29- Open

Andy and Kris Rockies

Andy and Kris catching that perfect shot of the Rocky Mountains- 2005

Michael Rockies

Michael enjoying the view- Rocky Mountains- 2005

Nothing gives me a feeling of “open” like standing on top of a mountain! My parents took me and my siblings to the Rocky Mountains and I continued the tradition when my husband and I took our three children.

These mountains have to be the most beautiful I have ever seen and despite severe altitude sickness which cut my pleasure short, I still took in the gorgeous view. Talk about wide, open spaces! When Andrew, who was 9 at the time, decided he was done, he left. And we freaked out! Where do you begin to look for a child on top of a mountain?

My husband quickly found him while I stood hanging onto a rack of clothes, trying to get my bearings. Thank goodness it wasn’t a true emergency because I was lurching around like a zombie and was no help at all. It turned out to be a memorable vacation in more ways than one!

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