Book Love

“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.”

— Diane Duane, So You Want to Be a Wizard

“Insights don’t usually arrive at my desk, but go into notebooks when I’m on the move. Or half-asleep.” -Hilary Mantel

At some point over the last few years I lost my desire to read. I blame vision issues. But I suspect that spending the majority of my time in hospitals or at home caring for others impacted my ability to hold on to any interest in a book I might try to read. I had to find contentment in reading to five year old Beej. And read, I did. 

Then a book by my favorite author was released. And I noticed a biography of an actress whose movies I loved. Without warning, I found myself back in the game. Instead of spending time jumping from one social media account to another or shopping on Amazon, I look forward to participating in a reading challenge and READING!

My hope is that with reading, my writing will come out of hibernation. Then I will have to start poring through my notebooks and decipher the notes of ideas, dialogue, character and more that I’ve been jotting down!

FOWC- Paper


“My name is Kat and I can’t stop collecting-“

This might come as a surprise to you but I don’t collect cats. Not anymore. I began collecting cats when I was 10 years old. The green blown glass cat (the middle cat on the top row) was my first. About five years ago I let it be known that while I appreciated all the cute cat gifts, I was also kind of over it and all catted out. I went so far as to pack the majority of my cat collection away. And yet when I looked around today, I spotted at least 12 cats lurking around the shelves of my house. Hmmm

Growing up, in addition to the cats that I no longer collect, I also had post card and salt & pepper shaker collections. I haven’t seen the post cards in years but what remains of my s&p’s is safely packed away in a container with some other cherished childhood keepsakes.

The truth- I’m addicted to buying notebooks, journals and planners. I cannot help myself. I use 3 subject notebooks for my writing notes, meeting notes, website notes…..random notes. Each one has it’s own special notebook.  I have way more brand new blank journals than any one person should have. I just picked up two new journals that I just could not resist. I’m drawn to that aisle in every store I enter.

I have no plans for these journals and notebooks. I could never buy another one and I could easily satisfy all my writing needs with my collection. But something tells me my journal collecting days are far from over. 🙂

Then I have a few smaller collections or maybe they are pre-collections- such as the variety of colored cut glass bowls, plates….. that I seem to have purchased while I wasn’t consciously collecting them. Or the cute little tea bag holders…is 3 (oops, make that 4- I just found another one) considered a collection? Oh, and did I mention that I like Pyrex? What do you think? (I swear my house doesn’t look like a scene out of an episode of Hoarders!)

Just between you and me, I don’t want to take a closer look around my house or I’m afraid I might stumble onto more collections…..

Hi! My name is Kat and I collect… collections!!!

What do you collect?