What I Learned This Summer

It’s been a long summer for me and it wasn’t until this week that I feel like I finally got the point of it all. Relatives, email attacks and apples missing carts. I’ve gone through more in the last 3 months than I did in the last 3 years but I’m a better person because of it. And although all those lessons I learned might seem cliche, each and every one resonates deeply with me.

  1. It’s easy to be a friend to someone during good times. It’s a true test of the strength of a friendship when one of you is going through a major life change.
  2. Sometimes people don’t turn out to be who you thought they were.
  3. Sometimes, when you aren’t getting the message about said people, you may be presented with endless examples to help you accept it.
  4. And sometimes everything you need to know is sitting right in front of you and you will clearly see it if you just clear your head and open your eyes.
  5. While so many people pride themselves on being “good”, the same people often don’t understand the importance about being kind.
  6. Just because you value something, that doesn’t mean someone else does.
  7. Loyalty is something to treasure.
  8. True friends are few and far between.
  9. You should take time, every day, to count your blessings.
  10. Love is all you need!

What about you? Did you learn anything new this summer?