Today I have a jam-packed day. I’ve found a few quiet moments to write this post before I head off to the next commitment. My morning began with getting the little guys ready for school followed by taking my parents’ to an appointment. By the time I got home, I had to decide whether to move a time consuming errand to another day or just roll the dice and hope I am able to complete it and get back home before my late afternoon meetings. Looking at the list of e-mails, texts and a number of other small tasks that needed to be done today, I decided to postpone the time consuming task until tomorrow. It’s given me the breathing room I needed today. Also, my week is relatively light after today, including an unexpected day off little kid duty resulting me in “freedom” until the boys come back Friday evening.

This leads to my dilemma-

I will have a chunk of free time, or really just time that I don’t have to be taking kids to and from school, thinking about baths, monitoring homework, and all of those types of things. You know- kid things. The rest will still be here- cleaning, laundry, decorations, organizing……the day to day stuff.

What’s the problem? I need a break. I’m the last person to admit it, even when the people closest to me tell me this and lately, I’ve been saying out loud for everyone to hear. “I need a break.” This is a sign that I need some down time- like a chunk- like the one I might be able to have come Wednesday morning….

I won’t get a break, if I stay home. This is a given. Things will pop up. My quiet down time will be eaten up in the blink of an eye.

So, maybe I need to get away for a few days to re-charge and enjoy some quiet time.

Or maybe I should sit down and make a good list of what I need to do and just knock it out of the park. This way I won’t have these things hanging over my head. There are so many things I can’t get done when my day is broken up into KID chunks. There are also many things I cannot do with an overly inquisitive and incredibly observant four year old around.

Maybe the relief of getting those things done would be enough to rejuvenate me and give me the patience and strength to move forward.

Or maybe removing myself from the pressure to get them done would be the fix I need. I wonder if I slip our elf a few extra $$ in his paycheck, he can lend me a hand…..

Or maybe I should just take my daily trip to Target so they know I’m okay. The friendly girl who works in the self-check out section will definitely miss me if I don’t show up by tomorrow!!

Decisions, decisions….


This post is in response to the Stream of Consciousness- Saturday- “ma”-Use it as a word or find a word with “ma” in it.

Have a great day!