J is for “Just Friends”

Blogging From A to Z: J

Just Friends– The Tonight Show Band led by Doc Severinsen

The Tonight Show Band led by Doc Severinsen was the house band that played on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson from 1962-1992. It was officially billed as The NBC Orchestra or Doc Severinsen and The NBC Orchestra. The jazz featured on the show was popular on American television at that time. People often associated this song with The Tonight Show.

Dropping off and picking up for rehearsals.

Finding black pants and trying to get those wrinkles out at a minute’s notice.

Scouring the house for two  black socks- they didn’t need to match- just be black.

School concerts, public performances, competitions, solos….. more than I can list over a 10 year period.

Hearing this song brings back memories of my kids’ days in jazz band (where all three played this song) in high school. It makes me smile. It tugs at my heart, causing me to miss those days that seemed to be lasting forever while they flew by way too quickly.

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