Goodbye, September!

September is coming to an end. We are all a bit windblown and waterlogged here in the midwest. I’m looking forward to the beautiful autumn colors to arrive as we welcome in October!

autumn colors jack o'lantern

It’s almost time for Jack O’Lanterns!

autumn colors pumpkin farm

Dark clouds and strong winds blew in during our trip to the pumpkin farm last year. I’m hoping the weather works in our favor at this year’s outing!

autumn colors gourds

Nothing shouts autumn colors like gourds! 

Photo a day- Autumn Colors/ Goodbye, September

Have a great week!


Pumpkin Time!

Tomorrow is the big day- the day a lot of people spend all month waiting and planning for…… but not me. I do like the cheery orange of pumpkins though, so I will still be sharing photos for two challenges-

beej and pumpkin

Last year, little Beej was mesmerized by the flickering candle inside the jack-o-lantern. 

jack o lantern

CJ’s first (nearly) solo carving

pumpkin farm

October is not October without a trip to the pumpkin farm.

bumpy pumpkins

Bumpy pumpkin or orange vegetable of some Autumny sort? 

Sunday Stills- Orange

Photo A Day- Pumpkins

Have a great day!


K is for…

pumpkin stalk

Pumpkin Stalk

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Seeds



This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter K allows us to use any word with K in it- and how could I pass up the chance to use these photos on Halloween?

cee's fun foto badge

Happy Trick or Treating!