I’m Late, I’m Late


I feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, rushing from place to place, frantically looking at my pocket watch… or my cell phone as the case may be. I lost a week of my life due to a very untimely jury summons.

I am a bit overwhelmed- like I was right before we took Andrew to school. I’m playing catch up from a week of communicating only through my phone when I had a few free minutes (and was able to send or receive any messages from an almost 70 year old courthouse). I’m exhausted from a combination of driving a nearly 2 hours one way commute every day and the stress of the trial. I’m faced with a pile of tasks, errands, meetings, obligations and other fun every day life things that have been neglected.

And then the icing on the cake is that I signed up for Writing 101- AGAIN! I failed miserably the first time and I cannot let it rest. I need to successfully complete it this time or it will nag at me.

images (4)So, here goes nothing! Time to don my Supermom cape and do it all! Wish me luck! Try not to laugh too hard when my cape flies over my face and I crash into the side of a building…which will probably be some school where I’m supposed to be attending a function!

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