Kat Got Your Tongue- Writing Space


Do you have a special place you like to write? Do you need silence or do you prefer background noise? Where do you write? I shared my thoughts on a writing space below the guidelines.



A Space of My Own

I have always wanted a space to call my own. A quiet, private room where I can write, think, chill.

I do have a room that is mine. Right now it is inhabitable. There is a leak coming from somewhere so on any given day I can expect water on the floor. Years and years of old flooring has been torn up leaving the outer edges of the room jagged with what is probably the original tile floor exposed. The closet door sticks and when I am able to yank it open I expect a body to come tumbling out. (Overactive imagination at work here.) There is a tiny powder room, which is dated and slightly creepy. It might be the spiderwebs that give it that feel. The water has been turned off while we figure out the source of the flooding. Someday this room will be amazing! It has so much potential. Well, to be honest all it has is endless potential at this point.

In the meantime, I’m existing in an office that has turned into a storage room. I bump into boxes when I try to make my way to the desk. Since I’m tired of knocking things over in my attempts to turn in my chair every time someone walks into the doorway to talk to me, I’ve given up writing in there.

The reality is that I do need that quiet and privacy to write. Every time a person walks by and talks to me, my concentration has been broken and I’m not always able to get it back. Until I’m able to get that writing space that I need, I try to take advantage of the times when I know I will be in the house alone and I sit at the kitchen table and write. Now that Kris’s semester has ended and Andrew is due home at the end of the week and Michael will be starting his 24 hours on/48 hours off and around more, I don’t see the house being empty much in the upcoming month.

For the time being, I will have to make do and steal the time that I can to get my writing done. If push comes to shove, there’s always the library, right?

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