Still Here

Wondering where I’ve been? I lost track of how long I was in the store when, after hours of frantic last minute gift shopping and desperate food shopping, I realized I needed something that was clear across the store…. I lost hope of ever getting out of here when sales associates began grabbing bags of Hershey Kisses off the shelf, ripping the bags open and offering them to the grid-locked shoppers, in hopes of raising spirits…..or blood sugar. When the shopper in front of me in line couldn’t get her app to work to get her discounts and left the line (and the conveyor stacked with her purchases) to search out a WiFi connection- at the cashier’s suggestion!!!- I couldn’t even react other than to smile sadly (I really hope it was a smile and not a scowl) at the exhausted but helpful employee. My hope is to be home for Christmas!

If you don’t hear from me, odds are great that I’m still here in line and if you pass a woman by the entrance walking around holding her cell phone at odd angles, then you know I’m still here.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday!