A to Z Blogging Challenge

A is for Alice #AtoZChallenge

It’s April 1st, which for me means Blogging from A to Z Challenge. My theme for 2021 is all about growing up in the 70’s. I turned six in 1970 so the majority of my childhood was spent in the 70’s.

I couldn’t resist using this trippy video of Go Ask Alice by Jefferson Airplane.

A is for Alice, as in Go Ask Alice.

Go Ask Alice is a book about a teenage drug addict who runs away from home. Published in 1971 by Anonymous, the book’s authenticity was later challenged and thought to be the work of an author who had written other supposedly real diaries of troubled teens. The title was taken from the 1967 song “Go Ask Alice” by Jefferson Airplane.

Whether or not this book was true, I read it as a young teenager because friends were talking about it and I never passed up a good book. I do remember hiding it from my mom because I was sure she wouldn’t like me reading it. I can’t remember a specific part of the book as being overly memorable. However, it left a lasting impression on me and I can honestly say that this book played a huge part in my fear of drug use. I’m not a big fan of my fear of the unknown but in this case, I have no regrets that fear was bigger than worrying about what other kids thought. 

I spent my teen years dancing around the drug scene, having both friends and boyfriends who dabbled in mild to moderate drug use. I never tried any and at this point in my life, I’m okay with that. 

I hadn’t really thought about the fact that I would be starting the A to Z Challenge with this book… different kind of start.

Happy April!