Free Style Writing Challenge

I was tagged by Hugh at Hugh’s Views & News to take part in the Free Style Writing Challenge. I have to admit that while I was up for the challenge, I was at my wit’s end when I saw his question! Honestly, Hugh, I think you took the word ‘challenge’ to the next level with me! 🙂

Here is Hugh’s question-

If you were asked to write a script for Doctor Who or any other Science Fiction series, and had to invent a new monster for the show, what would your story be about, and describe the monster you would be introducing to the world?

So, here’s where I had to make a choice. I had my blank word document open and my timer set and ready to go. I chose 10 minutes, just to make it that much harder on myself. 🙂

*cue crickets chirping

I could have sat there for 10 minutes watching time go by and nothing was coming to me. And then this silly Alice in Wonderland thing popped into my head. These characters have actually been lurking in the background of my mind for quite awhile now. They have no story which is why they have done nothing. I grabbed onto it and wrote-


Leave it to Hugh to stump me. Completely.

I don’t watch Science Fiction. I don’t read Science Fiction. I do like Star Wars but nothing comes to mind.

So I’m going to take creative license in hand and switch it over to a faity tale- Alice in Wonderland.

In my story, Alice finds herself at a new high school, her family having just moved into town. The students she finds there are quite unusual- and remind her vaguely of a story she read as a child. She finds it hard to read these new people and she’s never sure if she’s encountering a friendly face or not.

Cappy, a smiling boy with a penchant for odd hats, is the first person she meets. He seems to be laughing at some joke only he knows about and Alice fears he’s really laughing at her.

There is a nervous twitchy guy who is lean and lanky. Although his eyes are dark as coal, his hair is a shock of white fluff on top of his head, sticking out in all directions. He has an annoying habit of checking his phone every few minutes,just pressing the button, looking at the screen and then turning it over.

CC is a voluptuous 17 year old girl who seems older than her years. Her purple hair is a startling contrast to her pale skin and black lined eyes. She is pouty and moves with a feline grace.

Harry is the twitchy guy’s side kick. He’s short and a bit stocky. His round face gives him a look of innocence and Alice really wants to trust him but something seems just a little off. She never sees him without Twitch and he seems to idolize him, looking to him before making a move.

The one who scares Alice is Red. She is this short little spitfire of a girl. Her hair is….well, red… and she is constant motion. She talks fast and her eyes are always darting from place to place, taking in her surroundings, assessing, commenting. Alice finds her both fascinating and exhausting to be around.

Alice realizes that first impressions are everything in high school and it’s up to her to make the right choices. While she is not a slave to being popular, she certainly doesn’t want to find herself with the wrong crowd and something tells her that ….

I am stopped at word count- 396.

These are the rules, and if you would like to have a go, please feel free to do so. I get to tag another five bloggers, who have no obligation to join in unless they so choose!

I would like to nominate- Joy at Tellin’ it like it is, Meredith at Meredith’s Musings, Deborah at Notes Tied on the Sagebrush, Joyroses at Nuggets of Gold, and Ameena at Randoms by a Random. Please remember you are under no obligation to participate, but if you decide to join in the fun, here are the rules:

1. Open a blank Document
2. Set a stop watch or your mobile phone timer to 5 or 10 minutes, whichever challenge you prefer.
3. Your topic is at the foot of this post BUT DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH YOUR TIMER!!!
4. Once you start writing do not stop until the alarm sounds!
5. Do not cheat by going back and correcting spelling and grammar using spell check (it is only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write with correct spelling and grammar.)
6. You may or may not pay attention to punctuation or capitals.
7. At the end of your post write down ‘No. of words = ____” to give an idea of how much you can write within the time frame.
8. Do not forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog post with a new topic for your nominees and copy paste these rules with your nomination (at least five (5) bloggers)

When you have the document and the timer ready to go, scroll down to see your subject…







Robert Frost wrote the poem- “The Road Not Taken”. Name a road you’ve always wanted to travel. Where do you hope it takes you, and what might you see on the way. OR Name a road you didn’t take but always wonder ‘what if” you had taken it. Where would it take you and where might you be now?