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Five Photos, Five Stories: Day 5

Here is my final day of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. I would like to thank Meredith from Meredith’s Musings for nominating me for this challenge. It’s been fun choosing pictures to share. 🙂

CJ and the fire pole

For my final photo, I chose CJ and the fire pole. No one was more excited for Michael to become a fireman than 5 year old CJ. At his dad’s swearing in, CJ was decked out in his fire boots, fire hat and air pack (book bag) on his back with his sidekick, Foxy, dressed in her fanciest necktie. The high light of CJ’s experience was when his dad slid down the fire pole. Since Michael was wearing his good suit, I was just hoping he wouldn’t damage it- or himself- on the way down.

Unfortunately Michael had to work on Father’s Day a few weeks ago, so we had CJ and Beej with us. When his dad called to chat, CJ asked him if he could slide down the pole. Michael told him regretfully that he could not. CJ pleaded, “Pleeeeease, Dad! Can you slide down the pole and take a selfie?”

We couldn’t hide our grins on our end and Michael’s voice shook with suppressed laughter when he said he really couldn’t do that.

CJ held his arm out in front of him, holding the phone facing him while wrapping his free arm around an imaginary pole. “Sure you can! See?”

Michael said that wasn’t possible (or that easy) and offered to send him a picture of his fire gear. CJ said okay but added, “And be sure to take a picture on the pole!”

Last week the topic came back up when Michael asked CJ if he remembered when he sent him the picture of his gear. CJ replied, “Yes, but you never sent the one of you on the pole.”

Something tells me this discussion is far from over- no matter how much Michael would like it to be.

Here’s the first four day, just in case you missed them- Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.

Thanks so much for reading along as I shared these photos! It was a fun five day!!!