Empty Nest Playlist

And just like that, the house is empty. All of my chicks have left the nest. One took his family to live in their own nest and the other two are heading back to college. Circumstances make it impossible for me to accompany my college kids back so in a flurry of last minute shopping, packing, laundry and a birthday party…. I find myself alone. Well, actually Ari and I find ourselves alone.

My emotions are a glorious mess and nearly impossible to describe so instead of attempting it, I have created a playlist:

The Sound of SilenceSimon & Garfunkel

You’re Gonna Miss This Trace Adkins

Where Does the Good GoTegan & Sara

EntwinedTim Myers

Hello GoodbyeThe Beatles

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” -A. A. Milne

As our first day as empty nesters comes to a close, we are settling in to binge-watch Grey’s Anatomy, which we are way behind in watching. I suspect Ari will sleep through most of it but as long as she leaves enough room on my chair for me, it’s all good!


Life is what happens…

I am trying to change the way I look at the world, my life, everything. After almost a year of having my son and his family under our roof, they have moved into their own new home. I am happy for them. And worried for them.

My life took an unexpected turn almost a year ago and I can’t help feeling like I lost something. But I received a precious gift and that was seeing the daily changes in baby Beej as he grew from infant to toddler. I will miss CJ’s endless chatter and perpetual motion that a 6 year old brings to a house. But boy will I relish the quiet!

My blog took a serious hit this past year and I felt it deeply and thought about it often. I had a difficult time completing any task, let alone a train of thought that was developing into a good post. In the silence of my house (before Andrew woke up), I’ve started this post 3 separate times.

I now have time to write…well, I have some time. That’s the thing about life.

You spend all this time- at least I feel like I did- thinking “when this happens….” or “after this…” and so much is going on while you are waiting.

As Michael moved his family and their belongings to their new house, we received news of two loved ones- one with a possible serious mental illness, the other with a cancer diagnosis. While my husband, kids and little guys are all safe and healthy, these two hits are close to home. I am sad that people we care about are suffering. I am concerned for both of them.

And I’m reminded how precious life is.

In the coming weeks I will be working on my blog and my new sanctuary. I will be spending time with the college kids before they leave. I will be re-connecting with family and friends.

I will be sure that the life I’m living while I’m “busy making other plans” is meaningful.

But boy, I’ll miss the lego guys who randomly appeared throughout my house, the hunt for the pacifier at nap/bed time and retrieving the remote from out of reach locations.