Twizzler’s Return!

It was four years ago that we found our Christmas elf, Twizzler, had gone missing! It was completely unexpected and it certainly threw me for a loop. Luckily, Jack was ready to jump in and take Twizzler’s place for that year. One year turned into two, then three, and four. The second year Jack arrived with a note that explained that Twizzler had been assigned to another family and that he, Jack, would our elf now. CJ was especially disappointed that Twizzler wouldn’t be coming back but we could NOT find that elf! I cursed myself for hiding him so thoroughly that even four years later he had still not been found.

We moved on and Jack became part of our family, eagerly looked forward to every Christmas.

2020 has been a rough year. There’s no one that can deny that. As we are entering another surge of the virus in our area, people seem to be of two minds- holidays to the max or blah bah humbug. While our decorating has fluctuated depending on circumstances during that season, this year we decided that if ever holiday cheer was in need it was 2020.

And then in the middle of decorating this happened.

“You need to come here.” My husband’s tone immediately grabbed my attention. His voice was grave. His face was solemn. I exchanged looks with my oldest son, Michael. Six year old Beej was oblivious, chattering about some silly six year old thing. I followed my husband into the other room, when to my surprise he held out something in his hand that he had been hiding behind his back.


Curled up in a miserable little ball, dusty and withdrawn- it was Twizzler!

I looked questioningly at my husband. I had felt awful that I had lost Twizzler! He looked sheepish. He motioned to a high shelf that I couldn’t see let alone reach. “I guess I put him up there.” I don’t think the expression on my face needed any words to convey my feelings. I hadn’t lost the elf! We are upping the ante both outside and inside the house, spreading the lights and sparkle everywhere we can. It is the only reason I can find that would have my husband looking on top of furnishings I cannot reach.

I’m glad that we found Twizzler and I’m not going crazy hiding things in places I can’t find. I’m not saying that I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future- because I can totally see that happening. I’m just glad that day hasn’t come yet!

We have not decided how to re-introduce Twizzler into the equation. Beej does not remember him and in the last few years Jack has had another elf friend visit. How many are too many elves?? I know that there are many who would say one is too many but we are an elf family here. I’m not sure how I would have felt if these elves had been around when my children were young but for the grandkids, we find it a fun new tradition.

So in these trying times, something happy happened and- Twizzler is home! (And Mr. K is not allowed to be in charge of the elves.)

Hope these days find you happy and healthy!


To Know or Not to Know

We are an Elf on the Shelf family. I freely admit it. I know the elf can be a love it or hate it tradition. For our family, it is a fun tradition. My adult children like taking part in the scenarios when they are home. (I admit that I’ve caught wind of this elf being pretty mischievous when in the hands of the “big” kids after hours.)

A few years ago, our elf, Twizzler, went missing and Jack, his temporary replacement showed up. I wrote an update last year in Elf Business.

Twizzler remains missing but he has not been forgotten by nine year old CJ. Four year old Beej, having no real memories of Twizzler has little interest in the elf prior to Jack.

jack and the snowmen

Jack has settled into being our family elf. Sometimes it seems like he’s pretty secure in his position with our family, which leads me to wonder if he had a hand in Twizzler’s disappearance. ?!?!?!

Seriously, this leads me to Fandango’s Provocative Question #4 “Is it better to know or is it better to not know?”

Being the person who is in charge of elf management in our family, I’m responsible for the care and keeping of our elves. (We currently have a total of 4 or 5, depending on if you count poor Twizzler. Along with Jack, there is Ginger-my office elf, Jack’s friend who will be visiting this week to join in Jack’s antics, and the mystery elf who sits on top of a mirror with a bag of coal, who just appeared one day without explanation.)

But I can’t let go of the Case of the Missing Elf- especially since he was my responsibility. One year I put him away in a safe location, where he would not be accidentally missing-twizzlerdiscovered. Confident that I would remember where he was, I did not take note. And when I went looking for him, he was no where to be found. I know the general vicinity, I THINK! It’s going on three years now……

So, as I thought about Fandango’s Provocative Question, I can honestly say that I think it’s better to know. This extends beyond missing elves for me. Being a worrier and over thinker, I would rather know and put some of those hot topics that keep me up at night to rest. Even if it’s not good, I would rather know than not.

There are some things that I don’t need to know immediately, but many fall under the “better to know” heading. Whether Beej is going to develop “R” and “L” sounds is not a pressing matter. If I’m going to pull off the holidays successfully playing musical children and juggling when to do what is another I don’t need to know. What happens will happen.

But when it comes to others, I would rather know what I’m facing than wonder. I tend to be realistic and don’t have much time for the “head in the clouds/ floating around in oblivion” mentality. (Something tells me those people might prefer not to know.) If I had some answers, I could better wrap my head around the answers and move forward instead of wondering when, what, where?

One thing is for certain. I really want to know what happened to Twizzler!

How about you- do you prefer to know or not to know? (And I welcome any and all leads on my missing elf!)




Elf Business

missing-twizzlerLast year our elf, Twizzler, was reported missing- Missing: One Elf. In Twizzler’s absence, another elf-Jack- was sent to watch over CJ and Beej. He was introduced to us by Ginger, my office elf. We all thought this was a temporary situation and as November came to an end, CJ began asking if I knew when Twizzler would be returning. Since we genuinely thought that Twizzler was going to be back with us long before Christmas last year, we welcomed the replacement elf but held onto the hope that our Twizzler would return!

christmas elfIt appears to be uncertain if Twizzler will ever find his way home. On December 1st, the boys came downstairs to be greeted by Ginger and Jack, along with a letter explaining that Twizzler remained away on another assignment and that Jack will be our elf for this year.

Jack is a friendly guy and Ginger, who is younger, seems to really like him. She has already expressed an interest in joining him on future adventures.

CJ still expresses sadness that Twizzler did not come back and remains hopeful that he will return one year.

Meanwhile, Jack has made himself completely at home!

And as for me? Well, I’m not going to rest until I figure out where the heck that mischievous Twizzler ran off to! “Son of a nutcracker!” -Buddy, the elf




One Word Photo Challenge: Appliance

Twizzler is back and this year he’s more mischievous than ever.


Imagine 6 year old CJ’s delight when he found our elf, Twizzler, leaving us a surprise on top of the stove! Who knew that elves poop mini chocolate chips?

This post is in response to One Word Photo Challenge: Appliance.


Twinkle, Sprinkles and Twizzler

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Twinkle.”

 Here are some of the Christmas lights around our house. The other night at dinner, five year old CJ was looking at the Christmas tree squinting and blinking his eyes. He smiled at us and said, “I get sprinkles in my eyes when I look at the tree. Sprinkles, frosting and marshmallows!”

And while we are on the subject of Christmas, here’s the latest escapade of our elf, Twizzler. Much to CJ’s delight, Twizzler has been finding some interesting places to pop up!

elf on the shelf

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