January 2, 2019

play food in the tree

You know it’s time for the tree to come down when the four year old starts adding his play food as decorations.


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A New Look for our Christmas Tree!

beej decorating the treeOne of my favorite traditions is decorating the Christmas tree. Over the years my children and husband have been part of that tradition, sometimes more involved, sometimes not. Okay, so my husband sets up the tree and puts on the lights and he considers his job done. Since the big kids began college and aren’t home until days before the holiday, that leaves me and the little kids to do the job.

As you can imagine, young children and Christmas trees get along almost as well as Christmas trees and cats! Over the years we have adapted our decorating to accommodate the younger members of our family. For the most part, our tree and ornaments have survived. That is, until four year old Beej was old enough to reach the tree.

My mother recently asked me how my tree managed to survive all these years and children until now. I told her that none of those kids were little Beej! beej under the tree

Within an hour of the lights being added to the tree, Beej decided that they needed some minor tweaks. Somehow he ended up wrapped up in the lights himself! I’m sure he couldn’t resist the magical feeling of being surrounded by twinkling lights!

He meticulously placed each ornament so I have to believe that there is some secret four year olds logic to the large number of ornaments hung facing the tree. Maybe there’s something special hiding in the center of the tree? And the big gaping holes where there are no ornaments? Are those branches in trouble? Did they do something to offend Beej? When I point them out, he pointedly ignores the huge empty spots and places a second or third ornament on a nearby occupied branch.

Other ornaments do not receive the honor of making it on to the tree. Or maybe they hold another special distinction because I never know where I’m going to find them!


glitter duck ornament

This sparkly duck ended up in the pizza making department after I explained to Beej that although he is a duck, he is covered with glitter so the bath tub is not the place for him! Beej countered with his own logic that the duck did not have wheels, therefore water was the only place for him!! 

Poor Bert looks very lost and confused about he how ended up on the kitchen counter. And this sweet little Muppet found herself abandoned on the chair with an arm broken when Beej fumbled while trying to see if she could stand on her own.

It did not take me long to realize that I had two options- 1. Spend the entire holiday season being the Christmas tree police, or 2. Decorate the tree with unbreakable ornaments and pack away the precious heirlooms.

Knowing how easy it is to make an indelible memory in the mind of four year old, I chose option 2. I would rather have Beej (and any other grandkids to come) remember that I let them truly enjoy the tree, than have my nagging voice ringing through his head for the rest of his life! Thank goodness Target seems to carry an endless selection of $3 kid-friendly ornaments!

And on the plus side, just imagine how precious those older ornaments are going to be to us when we pull them out in a few years, after having them safely tucked away!

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Happy Holidays!


Here’s What’s on Top of My Christmas Tree – What’s on Yours?

Hugh and Angela, over at Hugh’s Views & News, are trying to raise money for charity. For each person who posts about what’s on top of his Christmas tree, Hugh will donate £1. Please  be sure to take a trip over to his blog and if you choose to participate, create a pingback to Hugh’s blog. He does a great job of explaining how to do just that, if you need a helping hand.

Here is the angel who has held the place of honor on top of our tree for some years now. We follow a rotation to determine who gets to put her up there, which usually requires us to look at last year’s pictures because we can never remember. This year, CJ (5 years old) picked her up and shook her a little. He looked at the cord and plug and announced, “This needs to be charged!”


IMG_2189Here are some of my favorite ornaments. The blonde yarn doll and Ziggy are from my childhood.

We have lived in this house for 19 years and one of the things we were very excited about when we first moved in was that we had a fireplace to hang the stockings. Over the years the stocking have changed and up until a few years ago we had settled on a set of stockings- all variations of the same style. And then one went missing. We know it’s one of the kids’ stockings and he swears he did put it back with the decorations after emptying it but it was nowhere to be found. We were faced with the daunting task of choosing replacements for everyone. This was the first time I let the kids take part in the choice. (With 3 children, you tend to limit their input on certain decisions when you know it can get sticky.) Kris, Tanner and I headed out, all optimistic that we were up for the challenge and would easily agree on new stockings. Luck was not on our side and as we went from store to store, our spirits dropped. There were slim pickings and we honestly could not find 5 similar stockings. We finally made our way to Hobby Lobby and found more stockings than any other store had held. Well, we were excited until we took a closer look and saw what was left. They were quite lavish and ornate and elegant and SO NOT US! We tried to get a common color scheme or style. No luck. Finally we decided to just pick 5 different stockings. We did not care what they looked like. The uglier the better. That was a few years ago and last year we added a new obnoxious stocking to the fold along with a cute snowman stocking for CJ. (I apologize to anyone who looks at the picture and thinks, “Kat’s crazy. Those stockings are awesome!” They probably are. They just really aren’t us.) Here is a picture from our first year of the new stockings (2011). Just imagine one more “fancy” stocking plus two cute snowman stockings and a puppy stocking. Yeah, it’s quite the line up.


I hope you will consider joining me in helping Hugh’s cause. To learn more about it, please read it at Tell Me What’s On Top Of Your Christmas Tree and Help Me Raise £250 for Charity

What’s on the top of your tree? Why not show us?